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Most hit-and-run scenes in movies involve a vehicle with low visibility, a careless driver, and a poor victim. Sometimes you just want to yell at the characters for how reckless they were. Unless you want to end up having an "I Know What You Did Last Summer" moment, driving with feeble lights at night is a definite no-no. For maximum visibility, you must ensure the taillights, headlights, and even the parking lights are all blasting wide beams so your vehicle can be seen clearly even if you're still a few miles away. To get strong bursts of light, mount VAIP - Vision Lighting parts to your car and you can avoid tons of potential accidents on the road.

Parking lights are just second priority next to the headlights and rear lights. These lights were previously used when a vehicle is parked in a dimly lit area. But today, parking lights are mostly used to reinforce the signal beams blasted by the head and tail lights. During daytime driving, most drivers just use their parking lights to reduce 'light' pollution. These are usually mounted right beside the headlights, on the sides of the car to further boost the head or rear lights' beams. If your head or rear lights emit feeble glows, you can greatly enhance the visibility of your vehicle with a VAIP - Vision Lighting parking light. The lights from this brand are strong enough to penetrate through even the heaviest sheet of darkness and mist, reducing the risk of accidents even if you're passing a street with no lamps.

Another safety lighting assembly you must mount on your vehicle is the VAIP - Vision Lighting turn signal light. These lights emit bright illumination to alert other drivers if you're changing lanes or turning another direction. And if you want more visibility while adding style to your ride, you can also fit side marker lights complete with a VAIP - Vision Lighting side marker lens near the fenders so other drivers will be able to clearly see the side profile of your vehicle. It's a great way to add a finishing touch to your ride while boosting your nighttime protection as well.