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Valve Cover

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To protect your car from leaking oil from the upper engine, you must have an effective valve cover.
Literally, the valve cover serves as the covering for the valve trains. This is removed to adjust the valves. Oil is pumped up through the pushrods and dispersed underneath the valve cover, which keeps the rocker arms lubricated. Holes are in many locations in the engine head, so that the oil recirculates back down the oil pan. Thus, the valve cover must be oil-tight. It is often the source of leaks. Some valve covers are distorted on older cars because the valve cover is made of very thin sheet of metal and can't withstand over-tightened screws.
With this oil-leaking problem, you will need a valve cover gasket. It is a simple gasket that helps keep leaks, oil, water and other debris out of the cylinder head and engine. It is but common for a valve cover gasket of an older engine to develop a leak. This does not pose a serious problem. Its replacement is a minor job, but it should be immediately attended to.
In modern machinery, more sophisticated types of valves are being produced to answer the demands of oil leakage in the upper part of the engines. Some could be made of thermoplastic, sprayed with chrome, aluminum or carbon fiber. Chrome valve covers abound in most street and performance cars of today.

Valve Cover Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Valve Cover

    Put a lid on it. Believe it or not, the very first automobiles did not have the luxury of a valve cover on their engines. Apparently, car owners back then had to constantly re-oil their engines because the valve train kept spitting engine oil out.Imagine how big and oily a mess those earlier engines made and the amount of effort their owners had to put in to keep them working. You're lucky enough that cars today are all equipped with valve covers. A valve cover not only prevents engine oil from being thrown out the valve train, but also keeps dirt, dust and moisture from messing up your car's engine.The cover provides solid protection over the valve train, keeping it from getting knocked here and there by whatever gets around the engine. Take note, however, that over-tightening its screws can crack the cover. A cracked cover will leak oil and allow dirt to enter the engine.Should your car's valve covers become cracked and defective, head to Auto Parts Deal for high-quality replacements.

    • Keeps dirt and moisture out of your car's engine

    • Prevents oil from leaking out the valve train

    • Reduces engine noise and vibration