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Valve Cover Gasket

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Leaks are a bad omen, especially if it's coming from your engine's valve cover. Whether it's a simple seep or a full-blown leak, you have to address the problem before it gets worse. The leak is probably caused by a worn-out valve cover gasket. Try to imagine being inside a volcano and seeing magma boiling at the bottom.That's what the valve train looks like while the engine is running. Hot oil is splashed all over the place, to lubricate valve train parts. The hot oil isn't the cause of the problem, though. The leak is caused by blow-by gases escaping the combustion chambers through the piston rings.Pressure builds up inside the valve cover and escapes through the worn-out valve cover gasket, instead of circulating back into the intake manifold. Before your car's engine loses too much oil and suffers permanent damage, get a replacement for the leaky gasket as soon as possible.Lucky for you, gaskets are readily available here at Carparts.

• Offers higher resistance to heat and pressure

• Directly fits most stock valve covers

• Keeps valuable engine oil within the valve train