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Charades is a fun and entertaining game that can result to a rowdy room full of laughter. It's a stress-free form of amusement which makes you think and act at the same time. Making wild guesses can be extremely enjoyable, especially if your guess turns out to be correct and your team wins a point. Guessing games can be fun, but not if you're doing it with your car. Trying to guess the level of fuel in your engine or the rotation of your tires without the proper instruments can be dangerous and far from being amusing. Don't play Charades with your engine-equip it with VDO parts.

Under the expert leadership of its mother company, the Automotive Group of Continental AG, VDO produces premium quality engine parts for the aftermarket and OE division with a primary focus on vehicle sensors and units. With a massively strong team of 80,000 employees operating in over 130 global locations, the brand is no doubt an expert when it comes to innovating products that will shape the modern automotive future. The company also makes sure each of the manufactured products are within customers' reach, thus it formed partnerships with major distributors worldwide to accommodate the growing demands of the market.

One of the premiere products of the company is the VDO fuel level sending unit, a crucial part of the vehicle that measures the level or amount of fuel in the engine. With this component, you don't have to do the guesswork anymore because the brand ensures you'll be provided with only the most reliable information. VDO custom sensors guarantee each product is highly compatible to ensure maximum efficiency. Aside from that, each sensor, like the VDO ABS speed sensor, is temperature-resistant and is highly effective in resisting moisture, chemicals, and dirt as well. The sensors are also insensitive to electromagnetic fields to maintain perfect accuracy in all information sent. The products are also designed to fit specific tank geometries and fuel requirements to achieve optimum sensor performance. The brand is also an expert with other engine parts, like the VDO throttle body which generally controls the vehicle's speed by regulating the intake of air in the engine.