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Sensors are probably one of the most useful components of a vehicle. It's like having a clairvoyant helper or a fortune teller friend right inside your engine. Without these instruments, you can never tell the condition of some of the most crucial parts of your car. The engine's computer relies heavily on the pieces of information the sensors transmit, so if you're receiving faulty readings on the dashboard panel, a broken sensor is probably the culprit. A well-known German brand, Vemo, realizes the importance of these devices and therefore uses high-end technology to continuously produce quality and foolproof sensors.

As part of the leading thirty-year-old auto parts company in Germany, Vierol AG, Vierol Elektro Motoren Oldenburg or simply Vemo, upholds the strong standards of quality and excellence its mother company is known for. As its motto states, the brand guarantees an 'energy-charged 24/7' vehicle with its complete line of electrics, air-conditioning, and electronics components and makes sure each part produced contributes greatly to the efficiency of an engine. Its manufacturing plants currently supply over 4,000 automotive units in more than 125 countries spread across all continents. The company also develops and produces approximately 1,000 new additions to their product line each year, hence reaching a larger market share in Germany and beyond.

The automobile electrics division of the brand covers an extensive range, including the Vemo crank position sensor, injection valves, lambda probes, washer jets, starters, spark plugs, wiper motors, air-mass sensors, and steering column switches, to name a few. The air-conditioning division, on the other hand, carries compressors, radiators, blower motors, cabin air filters with active carbon, fan clutches, thermostats, heat exchangers, and so much more that it basically answers all your automotive needs. But sensors are still at the brand's leading product, especially the Vemo reference sensor which is widely used in various engine parts, like in the ignition system. For failsafe sensor performance, a Vemo switch assembly is recommended. The assembly is much like a harness and a relay which connects the sensor to the engine's computer. Should any problems with the engine arise, the switch assembly transmits this to the computer box for a much quicker solution.