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Some people call it vent visor. Others prefer them as rain guards. Whatever you may call them, they are very handy add-ons to keep rain and snow out, let fresh air in, and look fresh in customizing your vehicle.
Vent visors block wind, rain and snow form entering your vehicle. Rain guards also prevent your windshield and windows from fogging. Aside from adding great looks to your vehicle, vent visors let you enjoy the fresh air by just opening your window a little bit without permitting rain or snow inside. Surely, you will get to savor the fresh air from outside without the noise, rain, snow or even bugs.
Made with tough acrylic that is virtually unbreakable, vent visors add a lip of material along the leading edge and top edge of your vehicle's side window. It looks great as the smoked material accentuates a classy touch to the moldings on your windows. These vent visors are easy to install as each unit is custom-made for every type of vehicle.
Stay comfortable and dry. Look good and stylish as you drive your car with vent visors on your side windows.

Vent Visor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Vent Visor

    Want fresh air in your vehicle even though it's raining? This is easy if you have a vent visor mounted on your vehicle. Install top-notch vent visor now.
    It's a warm, sunny day, so you go for a drive to enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. You open your car windows and you bask in the cool, clean breeze. But then suddenly, clouds overtake the sky and rain begins to pour. So, of course there's no other choice but to close the windows and say goodbye to fresh air-but not if you have a vent visor.
    Vent visors are simple but useful window accessories. With this accessory, you can leave a bit of your window open to let fresh air in even when it's raining. It also defogs your windows and drives the musty air out of your car's cabin. At present, different kinds of vent visors are sold in the market, which vary in design and material. A lot of car owners choose custom-made visors to better suit the overall look of their vehicle. There's also the ventshade visor, which is made using high-quality materials like tough acrylic to ensure long service life. This type of vent visor for cars also comes in varying sizes and dimensions to fit any type of vehicle.
    These visors usually don't require any drilling or cutting; they're very easy to install. So don't let a bit of rain get in the way of you enjoying a good trip along the countryside. Just use an excellent vent visor for your car.

  • The Automobile Basics: Vent Visor

    Driving in the countryside is enjoyable with the cool breeze streaming through the open window. You and your loved will definitely have a blast, for sure. But then, this enjoyment might be cut short with the sudden downpour.. To avoid getting wet, the best thing one can do in this situation is to close the windows. Doing so might reduce the enjoyment of the trip, but what else is there to do? Now, if there is a Vent Visor installed on every window, closing them down may not be necessary. This accessory installed on the upper portion of the window is very effective in preventing rain water from trickling inside the cabin. It also repels snow, so the car occupants can have a comfortable drive. The Vent Visor also enhances a vehicle's appearance. The smoky tint which it's usually has can make a vehicle so stylish. For customer convenience, vent visors available in the market these days are provided in a set of four to fit all windows in a regular sedan and truck. Most of them require no-drill installation, so a car owner won't find it a hassle. Usually, only a 3M adhesive foam tape is needed to get one securely in place. A Vent Visor is a very affordable accessory, so a car owner can easily get one to smarten up his car and make every drive convenient no matter what the weather is outside.

  • Vent Visor: Just the Facts

    Admit it - there are times when you just want to turn your car's air-conditioning (A/C) system off, roll down the windows, and enjoy the cool breeze outside your vehicle. And that's possible not only during a fine sunny day. With a vent visor installed in your vehicle, you can definitely enjoy the same even when it rains. Also known as a wind deflector, a vent visor is a protective accessory that shields your car's window against moisture that may enter your vehicle's windows. Besides being a protective accessory, a premium vent visor can make your vehicle more attractive. Once installed above your vehicle's windows, a sleek vent visor adds extra style and boosts your car's aesthetic appeal.

    • Typically made of tough acrylic, a vent visor ensures protection from unwanted weather elements and lasts for a long period of time.

    • Installing a vent visor doesn't require drilling or cutting; the installation process involves just securing the visor with heavy-duty tape.

    • Our catalog offers a wide variety of vent visors for most vehicle makes and models. No matter what type you want, you can definitely find it with us!