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You can't help but wipe off rainwater entering your vehicle once you open your window on a rainy day. Vent Visor answers that solution. you could still stay nice and dry amidst the pesky rainwater entering you vehicle. Made of tough acrylic, Ventshade Vent Visor does not only protect you and your car against rainwater but it looks good on your vehicle, too. The smoked material enhances a classy touch to the moldings around the windows.

With easy installation, the Ventshade Vent Visor is custom-made for whatever car you have. And if you're a smoker, the ventilation provided by the Ventshade Vent Visor sucks smoke right out of the passenger compartment while you remain dry. Surely, Ventshade Vent Visor is built for world-class quality.

Also built for toughness and protection is the Ventshade Bug Shield. You will never worry again about the paint job on your hood being hit by falling rocks or other wayward objects with this bug shield. As for that refreshing exterior look on your ride, there's the Ventshade Hood Scoop. The Ventshade Hood Scoops are built with tough ABS that's paintable. The Ventshade Hood Scoop has the 3M tape mounting system that is also OE-approved.

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  • Tips on Buying Ventshade Vent Visor, Bug Shield & Bug Deflectors

    To keep the rain out of your vehicle on a rainy day, a Ventshade Vent Visor is the best solution. Adding a Ventshade Vent Visor to your window will keep the rain from getting inside when you crack your window. A Ventshade Vent Visor is made from touch acrylic and adds a lip of material along the leading edge and top edge of your side window. When it rains, you can still open the side window an inch or so and still remain dry. A Ventshade Vent Visor also looks great, with the smoked material providing a classy touch to the moldings around your windows. The Ventshade Vent Visor is easy to install because each one is custom made for your car and the material is virtually unbreakable. If you smoke in your vehicle, a Ventshade Vent Visor will provide added ventilation to suck the smoke right out of the passenger compartment while you stay dry. The Ventshade Vent Visor is made for just about every popular model of vehicle sold, so you're bound to find the application that's just right for you.
    The Ventshade Bug Shield is designed to give you exceptional hood protection along with an awesome, aerodynamic look. Each Ventshade Bug Shield is molded to follow the contours of your vehicle's hood, giving you that custom look. That also means all the brackets used to mount your Ventshade Bug Shield line up with existing holes and fasteners on your car, truck or SUV. This bug shield comes in the standard smoked look, or a clear model for most applications that be painted the color of the body of your vehicle-or any other color you might want. Installation is easy, with no drilling.
    The Ventshade Hood Scoop is an easy way to add aggressive good looks to your car or truck. With a variety of models to choose from, you'll find a Ventshade Hood Scoop that is perfect for your vehicle, whether it's a carbon-fiber look for your Honda Civic, or a drag race monster scoop. Most Ventshade Hood Scoops are made of heavy-duty ABS that is paintable to make the hood scoop look like it came with your vehicle. Every hood scoop uses a 3M tape mounting system that is simple for you to use and is OEM approved.
    For over 62 years, Auto Ventshade Company has been designing window deflectors and other accessories for vehicles. Their deflectors are designed to allow fresh air circulation while keeping rain, wind and noise out. They also allow you to keep your parked car cooler.

  • Ventshade: Precision & Technology

    Minimize the wear on your vehicle with the help of high-quality Ventshade products. They are all affordable, durable and easy to install.
    Each time you drive is an assault to your vehicle. Road debris, dust, water, snow, and even annoying insects can make your vehicle look old really fast. What's worse is that you'll end up spending thousands of dollars when it comes to maintenance and repair costs just to fix this problem. Good thing Ventshade knows what your vehicle goes through. With that in mind, the company has already produced a variety of accessories to help you deal with these instances. Whether it's a bug shield or headlight cover, a tail light cover or vent visor, you can bet these accessories will give your vehicle excellent protection and added polish too.
    Ventshade has talented designers who work hard to meet their customers' needs. Apart from that, Ventshade products are as tough as they come so they won't break down easy unlike other brands out there. These are among the top reasons why Ventshade is the chosen brand by most auto experts today. What's even more impressive about Ventshade is that all materials used in the company's products are top notch. Take a bug shield, for instance. If it's from Ventshade, you can be sure that it won't fold under harsh road conditions, no matter how severe they may be. Ventshade also offers competitive price points so customers don't have to dig deep into their pockets to enjoy these products. Ventshade products come with complete instruction manuals and that means you can install them without having to go to expensive service centers. You can install these accessories into your ride without breaking a sweat.
    Without a doubt, Ventshade is a solid choice for shoppers who want to save money without compromising the quality of their bug shields, headlight covers, tail light covers, and vent visors.

  • Choosing the Right Ventshade Product, For the Right Job

    Turn to Ventshade when you need premium quality car and truck aerodynamic products

    Ease-of-installation and bulletproof construction are hallmarks of all Ventshade accessories

    Smokers rejoice! Ventshade Vent Visors give you fresh air even in the pouring rain

    You can forget about the drilling when you use Ventshade products' tough tape fastening system

    Why do auto manufacturers design car windows so that rainwater gets sucked in as soon as you crack the window on a rainy day? We can't answer that one, but adding a Ventshade vent visor to the window can provide a solution. Made from tough acrylic, a Ventshade vent visor adds a lip of material along the leading edge and top edge of your side window. When it rains, you can still open the side window an inch or so and stay nice and dry. A Ventshade vent visor set for your car also looks great, with the smoked material providing a classy touch to the moldings around your windows. The Ventshade vent visor is easy to install since each set is custom-made for your car, and the material is nearly unbreakable. Do you smoke in your car? Don't drive another mile without a Ventshade vent visor. The ventilation provided by a Ventshade vent visor sucks smoke right out of the passenger compartment while you remain dry. After all, if you're going to smoke, you may as well stay dry doing it, right? Check out our Ventshade vent visor selectionthey're made for nearly every popular model sold, so you're bound to find an application for your vehicle.

    Do you enjoy having large chunks of paint removed by flying rocks hitting the edge of your hood? If so, a Ventshade bug shield isn't going to be for you. What about drilling? Do you think drilling lots of holes in your hood would be a pretty good time? Again, a Ventshade bug shield is going to disappoint you. The Ventshade bug shield is really designed for folks who want the exceptional hood protection that only an unbreakable Ventshade bug shield can provide, along with great, aerodynamic looks and easy installation. See, each Ventshade bug shield is molded to follow the contours of your vehicle's hood. Not only does that mean the Ventshade bug shield looks custom, but it also means all the brackets used to mount your Ventshade bug shield line up with existing holes and fastners on your car or truck. If the smoked look of the standard Ventshade bug shield doesn't do it for you, there's also a clear Ventshade bug shield produced for most applications that can be painted body coloror any color you desire. So, if you want a pink car with a gold Ventshade bug shield, you can do it and we can supply you with the correct Ventshade bug shield. But you're still going to have to put the drill away.

    Did you get one of those killer new GTOs before they started installing the cool scooped hoods? Or maybe your Mustang is missing some kick when it comes to its exterior appearance. Whatever your reason, check out a Ventshade hood scoop for your car or truck. There's no faster or easier way to add aggressive good looks to a vehicle than with a Ventshade hood scoop. And there are a ton of choices tooif you want a carbon-fiber look Ventshade hood scoop for your Civic, we can help you. If you want a drag race monster scoop, there's a Ventshade hood scoop that will make you drool. Most Ventshade hood scoop applications are constructed of heavy-duty ABS that's paintable to make your Ventshade hood scoop look totally factoryif that's what you're after, of course. And you won't waste a weekend in the garage installing your Ventshade hood scoop either. Every Ventshade hood scoop utilizes a 3M tape mounting system that's not only simple for you to use, but that is also OE-approved. That means even the automakers recognize that the Ventshade hood scoop mount is tough enough for them, and tough enough for you. So spice up your ride without wasting time or money: Order a Ventshade hood scoop for your car today.