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Air Deflector by Ventshade

Keep cool and guard yourself from the heat of the sun with the help of the Ventshade Sunflector. Quickly and easily reduce the heat build-up and glare from the sun with this sun deflector. The Sunflector fits in the rear window of your pickup cab for ultimate convenience and comfort. Plus, it's manufactured from a hard smoke-colored acrylic for maximum performance.

On a warm day, the sun's rays can build-up in your cab. Getting into your truck on a hot summer day is never a pleasure experience. The heat is enough to get anyone sweaty, and if you've got a leather steering wheel or seats, get ready to get burned. With the help of the Sunflector, you can reduce the sun's effect on the interior of your truck.

You probably already know that your truck's air conditioning eats up excess energy and gasoline. Why not give your AC a break and help maintain a cooler temperature with the simple technology of the Sunflector? Save gas, sweat, and discomfort all with one simple product.

The Sunflector fits cabs without sliding windows and vehicles with or without cargo lights. With plenty of model options, you'll surely find the perfect custom fit for your vehicle. Installation of the Sunflector is a snap. Simply adhere it to your window with the OEM-approved 3M brand acrylic foam tape. With plenty of stick and no drilling required, you get a quality product with no-hassle installation.

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Ventshade Air Deflector Articles

  • Ventshade Series: Windflector

    Ventshade Air Deflector

    Use your sunroof with reduced wind noise, drafts and rain entering your vehicle with the help of the Ventshade Windflector. The Windflector employs a simple, yet effective design that aerodynamically diverts wind and moisture over your sunroof for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

    Having a sunroof can add a lot of benefit to your driving. Most people won't deny that being able to feel the sun on their shoulders or the cool evening breeze in their hair is a pleasant way to cruise around town. But sometimes excessive wind or moisture can rain on your parade. Make sure you get a calm, comfortable ride with the help of the Windflector.

    The Ventshade Windflector fits snuggly to the front end of your sunroof opening for maximum performance. Constructed out of a durable acrylic material, the Windflector stands up to any flying debris that it happens to run into. This gives you long-lasting results for years of comfortable driving. And because this wind deflector comes in a smoky gray color, it helps to block the sun's heat as well.

    Available in two styles, the Windflector is sure to fit your vehicle. The Classic version is perfect for power sunroofs while the Pop-Out version is great for manual sunroofs. Installing the Windflector is a breeze-simply use the included 3M brand adhesive tape. With no drilling or screwing, you'll be driving in comfort in no time flat.