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Bug Shield by Ventshade

The original Bugflector is ready to keep your vehicle's windshield and hood clean from flying debris and splattered bugs. Add an appealing accent to the hood of your car while simultaneously maintaining its appearance. The Bugflector diverts harmful pebbles and messy bugs from ever coming into contact with your vehicle.

With a simple, innovative design, the Bugflector protects the front end of your vehicle. Stop worrying about possible dings and dents from flying debris. The Bugflector safely removes them from the path of your vehicle. And with no more bugs splattering across the front of your car, you won't need as many trips to the car wash.

The Bugdeflector is custom molded to fit your vehicle perfectly. With over 150 applications available for trucks, vans and SUVs, you are sure to find a Bugflector to suit your needs. Molded from a rugged, high-impact acrylic, you get a quality product with long-lasting durability. That means the Bugflector will keep your vehicle looking good for years to come.

Available in two different colors, dark smoke and clear, you get the option of customizing your vehicle the way you want to. Plus, the clear version can be painted, so you can change the color to match your vehicle, or make it any color you want. Installation is a snap thanks to the 3M brand OEM-approved tape or mechanical fasteners. With no drilling or screws required, the Ventshade Bugflector couldn't be easier to use.

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Ventshade Bug Shield Articles

  • Ventshade Series: Bugflector II

    Ventshade Bug Shield

    The Ventshade Bugflector II provides long-lasting, splatter-free results for the hood of your vehicle. Keep your hood, fender and windshield looking good-as-new with the aerodynamic design of this bug deflector. It safely and efficiently banishes all road debris and bugs out of the path of your speeding vehicle, so you're front end stays nice and clean.

    The upgraded wrap-around design gives the Bugflector II a low-profile, aerodynamic appearance. Don't let the simple design fool you, though. This deflector blocks almost all incoming materials. Stop those flying pebbles from chipping your paint or denting your fender and get rid of those pesky and unsightly bug splatters. With the Bugflector II, your front end will look just like it did when it rolled off the dealer's lot.

    For convenience, the Bugflector II is car-wash safe. Of course, you won't need to clean your vehicle as frequently, but when you do, you won't have to worry about removing your bug deflector. And if you do need to remove the device for waxing or any other reason, the off-the-hood design gives you easy removal and installation.

    The Bugflector II also provides you with plenty of customization options. Available in either a dark smoke or clear color, you have two color options right out of the package. And because the clear version can be painted, you can color your deflector any way you want it. Get the Ventshade Bugflector II for an easy, no-hassle way to keep the front end of your vehicle looking like brand new.

  • Ventshade Series: Carflector

    The Ventshade Carflector is ready to give your car ultimate front end protection against flying debris and splattered bugs. Using the same technology that the Ventshade Bugflector incorporates for trucks and SUVs, the Carflector is built specifically for smaller vehicles. With the power to prevent damage to your hood, windshield and fender, the Carflector is an easy, low-cost solution to keeping your car in top condition.

    With a low-profile, aerodynamic design, this bug deflector efficiently guides flying debris such as pebbles and bugs out of the path of your vehicle. That means you won't have to worry about rocks chipping your paint or bug guts mucking up the appearance of your car. Keep it clean with the Carflector.

    Manufactured from high-impact acrylic, the Carflector is built to last. Don't worry about those rocks cracking your new car accessory, because the Carflector can take whatever the road has to throw at it. And because this deflector is custom molded to fit your vehicle, you get maximum coverage for maximum performance.

    For quick and easy installation, the Carflector attaches to your car via 3M brand OEM-approved tape or mechanical fasteners. That means you don't have to worry about drilling holes into your car. Available in two different color options, smoke gray or clear, you get plenty of customization options. The clear option can be painted any color you like, so you can get just the look you've been looking for.

  • Ventshade Series: Hoodflector

    The Ventshade Hoodflector is a low-profile version of Ventshade's Bugflector II. Delivering the same protection with an extra sleek style, the Hoodflector is specially designed for larger vehicles such as trucks, vans and SUVs. Get the style and performance you need with this rock and bug deflector.

    The Hoodflector is aerodynamically designed to block flying debris and bugs from damaging your hood, windshield, and fenders. We all know that one little pebble can easily crack your windshield or chip your paint. With the Hoodflector you can easily avoid the time and money it would take to repair these inevitable and unlucky occurrences. Keep your car looking like it just rolled off the lot for years to come with the help of the Hoodflector.

    Manufactured from a highly durable impact-modified acrylic, the Hoodflector stands up to anything that comes into its path. That means it will quietly stand guard over the front of your vehicle without cracking. And because this deflector is custom molded for your vehicle, you get the perfect fit for maximum performance.

    The Hoodflector installs quickly and easily with the OEM-approved 3M acrylic foam tape or mechanical fasteners. With no drilling required, you'll be blocking bugs and rocks in no time. Available in two different color options, smoke gray or clear, you get the custom look you want. And because the clear option can be painted, you can go crazy with any color you want.