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Door Sill Protector by Ventshade

The Ventshade Stepshield provides a secure barrier for your door sill. With this simple product, you can quickly and easily eliminate the possibility of degrading the integrity of the painted surface on your door sill. Keep your car looking good as new with the help of the Stepshield.

Every time you get in and out of your vehicle, your shoes have the potential to scuff or scratch your door sill. This can cause the appearance of the interior of your car to degrade over time. Maintain the value and look of your car as much as possible with the help of the Ventshade Stepshield.

With the simplest installation possible, you'll have added protection in no time. Because the Stepshield applies easily with the help of a strong 3M brand tape, you get a no-hassle installation with plenty of gripping power to stay still. And because the Stepshield comes in over 50 different custom-fit models, you'll get the perfect fit no matter what truck, car, SUV or van you have.

For ultimate customization, the Stepshield is available in three different colors, black, tan and gray. With these options, you can be sure that the Stepshield will match the interior of your vehicle for a pleasing look. Help keep your car in perfect condition with the help of the Ventshade Stepshield. Add one to each of your door-entries for ultimate protection.

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Ventshade Door Sill Protector Articles

  • Ventshade Series: Stepshield II

    Step up the look and integrity of your vehicle with the Ventshade Stepshield II. This 2nd version of the Stepshield gives you all the protection of the original, with the added benefit of a universal design. Protect your car from foot traffic with the help of the Stepshield II.

    Your door sills see their share of action. Every time you enter or exit your vehicle, you have the potential to scuff or scratch them. Avoid the unsightly presence of scratched paint or scuffs with the help of the Stepshield II. By covering your door sills in this simple, attractive cover, you can eliminate the possibility of damaging your vehicle.

    But what if your older vehicle has already fallen victim to door sill scratches? Not to worry-simply cover them up with the Stepshield II and no one will be the wiser. No matter what the age or condition of your vehicle, this door sill guard can easily improve the appearance of your interior.

    The Stepshield II combines simple installation with a universal design for maximum ease of use. Simply cut the strips to the length of your vehicle's door frame and you have the perfect fit for ultimate protection. The Stepshield adheres with a solid 3M foam tape to ensure a strong grip with no drilling required. And because the Ventshade Stepshield II is available with different color options, you get an accessory that will easily match the interior of your car.