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Vent Visor by Ventshade

The Ventshade Aerovisor offers distinctive style and year-round protection for your windows. A larger version of the Ventshade Ventvisor, this product is ideal for drivers who encounter plenty of dirt and muck. Whether kicking up dirt while off-roading or cutting through puddles in the city, the Aerovisor is ready to keep your windows clean and your interior dust-free.

The Aerovisor properly guards against a wide range of particles. From dust, dirt, sand, and even wind itself, you won't have to worry about any of it seeping into the interior of your vehicle. In fact, this cover works so well, that you won't even have to worry about window fogging anymorethe Aerovisor eliminates that as well. With this quality window visor, you can be sure that nothing will get into your car unless you want it to.

Simple installation lets you quickly and easily attach the Aerovisor to your vehicle via 3M acrylic foam tape. That means there is no drilling or screws to mess with the exterior of your car. With a custom fit that will mold perfectly to your particular vehicle, you can be sure that the visor won't rattle, shake, or stick.

The Ventshade Aerovisor comes in a variety of models for numerous applications, so you will likely find a compatible product for your vehicle. Aerovisors come in a set of two, either for front windows or rear. Outfit all 4 windows with the Aerovisor for maximum protection and convenience.

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