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Scotch tape is one of the most useful things ever invented. The sticky clear adhesives are so simple and easy to use for a variety of applications. Christmas won't even be complete without scotch tape because you definitely need it to wrap all those gifts! There's just one downside to this all-around sealing solution-you won't be able to use it on your car. But don't worry because Victor Reinz gaskets provide the perfect adhesive to all the engine parts of your vehicle. Put aside those rolls of scotch tape and glue for now and focus on getting the right gaskets for your ride.

Victor Reinz sealing products are marketed under a German superpower company Dana Power Technologies Group. Since 1993, this brand has been generating the toughest sealing solutions that cover all possible gaps and spaces in your vehicle. With six Research and Development centers in 11 countries, the company continuously manufactures and ships automotive gaskets using cutting-edge equipment housed in all of its 20 facilities. The products are designed to have increased flexibility and are lightweight to minimize load burden on the components. Because of the company's innovative gaskets, it already has a patented design, the Wave-Stopper cylinder head gasket, which is being used in most vehicle makes today.

The Victor Reinz cylinder head gasket is an in-demand product of the company because of its several features and benefits. To ensure maximum sealing power, the gaskets are made with up to five layers and elastomer coatings for those hard-to-seal rough surfaces. The metals are also designed to have embossment shapes for added durability and are even fitted with a stopper layer for increased load balance. Even the Victor Reinz intake manifold gasket won't be left behind when it comes to benefits, like reduced oil consumption, decreased bore distortion, extra durability, and enhanced engine performance.