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Volkswagen Beetle Bumper

Among the small family cars that were released to join the automotive business, the Volkswagen Beetle cars are undeniably the most popular. It has the most distinctive and most recognizable features that it is impossible to forget its appearance in the showrooms. And the fact that Adolf Hitler has given a significant participation to the car's production.

An automotive bumper is a perfect accessory that can be integrated into the most-recognizable-and-distinctive-small-family-car, the Volkswagen Beetle. It is a horizontal bar that is mounted on the front-end or rear-end of the car. The component is basically a restyling component that adds-up to the overall impression to the car. As the history of automotive bumpers started in 1925, constant evolution of improvements led to the modern automotive bumpers that integrated various high-strength materials.

In the early years of the history of the bumpers, these were a simple metal beams that were attached to the front and rear of the car. Apparently, to keep in line with the automotive trends production of automotive bumpers have also submitted to the wonders of modern technology advancements. Modern automotive bumpers proliferate in the market with complex-engineered components and also have become an integral piece of protection to the vehicle during low-speed collisions.

Most recent bumper that has emerged into the market is made with plastic material. With its introduction, enthusiasts are given with tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to styling their vehicles. Plastic bumpers are made famous because of its practicality. For such bumper that is more economical, it can contain reinforcements with the same impact-resistance features of other metal-made bumpers.

Although a front or rear bumper cannot provide crashworthiness or protection to the passengers of the car, it can contain the shock produced from collisions thereby protecting automotive parts such as the hood, trunk, grille, exhaust and cooling system, and other safety-related components like headlights and tail lights. Its strength and structural rigidity are enough to resist minimal impacts. This means that bumpers cannot extend its function in cases of severe and hard impacts. It might eventually get damaged and there's would be no other alternative but to change it with a new one.

For Volkswagen Beetle cars, finding a bumper is not a problem. There is a multitude of replacement VW Beetle front bumpers and VW Beetle rear bumpers in the market. And if you want maximum safeguarding actions from bumpers, install it with a bumper cover that is also available in the market in wide variety.

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