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Volkswagen Exhaust System

The engineering of an automobile is comprised of different automotive systems that are interconnected, creating a whole machine of complex and intricate design. And to Volkswagen, the exhaust manifold is just one of those parts that were made to simplify the turns of the machine. To simplify because as a single auto part, it has the capacity to work efficiently even if all other exhaust parts affect its independency.

Volkswagen exhaust manifold is engineered to collect the exhaust gas that the engine has created during the process and direct them to the exhaust ports for disposal. It completes its job by the help of other parts of the exhaust system, the exhaust pipe and seal, catalytic converter, muffler resonator, tail pipe, as well as heat shields. Its application is based on what the engine that it is supposed to serve requires. An in-line type of engine can only be incorporated with a single manifold, while a V-type should carry dual manifold.

Exhaust manifolds are of different kinds, but all designed in either cast or nodular iron. There's the exhaust manifold that's applicable only for normal 4-cylinder in-line engines. Another one is what called as two-into-one manifold, providing easier gas flow. In the modern auto machining, vehicles use the V-type engine. This one's need a manifold that faces the rear bank of cylinders, providing each with passage of their own that connects into a single passage. Also available is the exhaust manifold that can be identified by its long branches that are blended obliquely into the outlet, a design for reduction of back pressure. Then there's the high efficiency inners and outers tow-into-one system exhaust manifolds. The ones usually used for GT and sports cars.

The importance of Volkswagen exhaust manifold is indispensable, that is why any damage in it or any noticed malfunction should be given immediate solution. For just like the engine system, transmission system, electrical system, braking system, intake system and any other auto system, the exhaust system is essential to the engineering of all Volkswagens.

Volkswagen is a German built automobile that lands amidst the league of respected car brands in the industry. It has got an engineering that constantly develops as the technological advancements in automobile machining evolves, evidently seen and expressed in the recent innovations that it releases to the market. Its name is affixed to its identity as the affordable "people's car", the literal meaning of its name. Aside from that, Volkswagen is also connected to its historic origin, to the Nazi rule, and to Adolf Hitler himself for the construction of this automobile is based on the merged ideas of the designer Ferdinand Porsche and the Nazi leader.

Volkswagen Exhaust System Models