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Volkswagen Grille Assembly

Volkswagen was known for its sole model for a long period of time. As the Volkswagen became synonymous with the Beetle, the rear-engined car with a rounded body curves, the company has been associated with part at different parts of the world. Just like the Volkswagen grille. For the Beetle has its engine located at the rear of the vehicle, the grille is also located at the rear. But as other models were released front engine feature, the grille is relocated, this time at the front.

Volkswagen grille is an opening at the front end of the vehicle usually between the headlights. It holds the vehicle's emblem and maintaining the balance look of the front end of the vehicle. This is essential because it is the first part that is seen when viewed at the front. Volkswagen grille's purpose is to keep the air flowing in the radiator and maintain the normal temperature of the engine at the running condition. Other grilles can be located below the front bumper, in front of the wheels to cool the brakes. For the old Beetle, the grille also located on the rear deck lid.
Often made from plastic or metal, or combination of both, the Volkswagen grille also acts as a protective shield keeping the insects and other debris like leaves and small rocks from entering the delicate parts of the engine and avoids damage that may cause the engine to work imperfectly.

Customized Volkswagen grilles or custom billets are also available for all Volkswagen vehicles from Beetle, Cabrio, Cabriolet, Corrado, Dasher, Eurovan, Fox, Golf, Gti, Jetta, Passat, Quantum, Rabbit, Scirocco, Super Beetle, Touareg, Transporter, to Vanagon that enhances its outer image and becomes more attractive. These customized grilles posses an exotic image but still matches all the parts it will join when installed.