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Volkswagen Passat Parts and Volkswagen Passat Accessories

If there is a car that could best describe what Volkswagen cars should be, that car must be the Volkswagen Passat. The Passat is the largest and the roomiest car in the Volkswagen car line-up. And while the car is large, it does not look monstrous or ugly. Rather, the car has a sleek and elegant style. It is also known for its safety, and most of all, for being capable.

The Volkswagen Passat is the largest car in the Volkswagen line-up, despite being marketed as a mid-size car. It was based on the Volkswagen B-body platform and was similar to the Audi 80 for most parts of its history. But while the Audi 80 was available only in sedan body style, the Volkswagen Passat was available as a large fastback or wagon. The car is currently in its fifth generation form, with a new version expected to be introduced for the 2006 model year.

The Volkswagen Passat is the perfect Volkswagen car in many ways. First, the car is roomy, with plenty of interior space for a family of five. It is also filled with a lot of plush and luxurious interior accessories and equipments that makes driving very pleasurable. And while it is filled with numerous luxuries, all interior equipments are well laid so that there's more than enough room inside the car for breathing. On the outside, the car is very pleasant to look at. It has a sleek and elegant body panel, plus minor exterior accessories that have been given a lot of attention in design and quality.

But the Volkswagen Passat's characteristics do not end with elegance alone. The car is completely capable, endowed with fine Volkswagen Passat parts that would make it function at its best. In its current form, three capable and economic engines are fitted: a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine rated at 170 hp, a TDI engine rated at 134 hp, and a V6 engine rated at 190 hp. The car's mechanical and body parts are also rigid and well designed. And aside from all these, the car is endowed with a lot of safety equipments and systems, like ABS brakes, hydraulic brake assist, LATCH system and various other safety mechanisms that makes it one of the safest cars around.
Another engaging thing about the Volkswagen Passat is its wide supply of auto parts. Since the Volkswagen Passat is still being produced and sold until now, one can expect that the whole line of Volkswagen Passat replacement, restoration, repair and performance parts would still be available for a long time. With easy access to these parts, your Volkswagen Passat can perform better at a longer period of time. And should you be interested on giving it a custom look or further boost its performance, we're sure there's a lot of Volkswagen Passat custom and aftermarket parts you can choose from.