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Volkswagen Passat Corner Light

As beautiful as it may appear, the Volkswagen Passat is not complete with Passat corner lights.

Vehicle lights are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. For light provide not only definition to the vehicle's every corner, it also adds to the safety of the vehicle either on the road or parking at side streets. The whole lighting system is composed of several lights and bulbs distributed on every side of the vehicle. Each has its own purpose. The headlights are pair of light mounted on the front of the vehicle to provide extra illumination during poor road visibility. Fog lights on the other hand are another set of lights that function specifically on foggy conditions. Other lights are found on the rear of the vehicle, part of the taillight assembly.

At the rear, the taillight assembly is also composed of several lights and bulbs to include the brake lights and reverse lights. The reverse lights are set of lights which main purpose is to provide the necessary rear end illumination when backing. The brake lights on the other hand are turned on when the driver steps on the brake. All these lights function to keep the vehicle safe or visible at the rear.

Located at the side of the vehicle are corner lights which function to warn other drivers that the car is turning or cornering. This keeps other vehicles to maintain safe distance while you make your action.

For modifications and upgrades, there are several replacement lights and accessories available on the market. Each could bring great effect to your vehicle while maintaining the purpose of the original lights.

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