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Volkswagen Passat Window Motor

Signs that Your Volkswagen Passat Window Motor is Failing

The automated feature of your car's power window comes from the Volkswagen Passat window motor. It is powered electronically for you to be able to open and close the window at the touch of a button. However, if one of the windows in your car is moving slower than usual or is not moving at all, then maybe there is something wrong with the motor. Diagnose the symptoms you observe by following these tips.

One window moves slowly

If one window is working but is moving very slowly, then the window motor might be failing.

To diagnose this symptom, check for proper voltage at the power window motor plug while the switch is depressed.

One window does not work

If one of the car's windows fails to move when you press the switch to lower it, the most likely cause would be a bad motor.

To confirm this fault, you will need a voltmeter. First, check for voltage at the switch when the ignition is on. If the switch is receiving voltage, but the door motor is not doing anything when the switch is pressed, then the problem could be a bad window motor or a bad switch. Use a fused jumper wire to bypass the switch and route power directly to the motor. If the component is still not doing anything despite having a direct connection to electric power, then it has failed and needs replacing.

Other troubleshooting tips

Aside from the above, you may also want to take precautionary measures by doing the following:

  • Find out if there is an electrical problem by following along the wires on the window motor to see if everything is connected. Check for damaged wires as well, and inspect the fasteners to make sure that they are all tight.

  • Look over the window gasket-the rubber strip around the frame of the window-to make sure it is sealed properly. Run a flat-head screwdriver through the gasket and clean out anything that may be in the window's way. Make sure that the gasket is not loose or torn; if there are any tears, apply super glue to stick them back together.

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  • Volkswagen Passat Window Motor Maintenance Tips

    Being able to lower or raise the windows at your own convenience makes your life easier, all thanks to the window motor that's built in your vehicle. But, it's quite unavoidable for this to get damaged, especially if you're fond of lowering or raising the glass windows to let in fresh air, but you don't do it carefully. Here are some useful tips that you can use to properly take good care of the Volkswagen Passat window motor.

    Regularly lubricate the window motor.

    If you hear squeaking noises whenever you raise or lower the glass windows, it means that the gear inside the window motor is dry and must be lubricated. Continuing to do this can break the units, and you might have to replace the motor itself. So, it's best if you re-lubricate it with grease to make it work properly once again. Basically, you'll need to pry open the door panel to get your hands on the window motor. Then, you'll have to lubricate the metal strips using bearing package grease. Check if you still hear noises by rolling the windows up and down. If it's quiet, then you surely don't have a problem anymore. If it continues to squeak after a while, you can just easily grease it up once again.

    Clean the window motor.

    Before you're going to lubricate the window motor, you'll have to clean the old grease out to be sure that you have a fresh area to work on. You can simply open the door panel to find the window motor. Just use fresh paper towels or clean rags to wipe off dirt buildup and old grease. Make sure that you also clean the surrounding components as well. You can then lubricate the window motor once you get it clean.

    Adjust loose components.

    If you check the window motor and you see any loose components, be sure that you adjust them right away. These could be one of the possible causes why the glass windows won't go up and down. Just see to it that you use the right tools.