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Volkswagen Speed Sensor

Does the look of a beetle seem to remind you of something? Maybe somewhere in your mind, the image of the Volkswagen Beetle which happens to be the best known model among all Volkswagens is trying to pop out. This is Volkswagen's creation which brought it dramatic success and popularity from all over the world. In some states such as San Antonio and Houston, Beetle still is one of the common sightings. The closure of Beetle production in 2003 didn't impede the growth of Volkswagen. The contemporary Volkswagen models which carry the heritage carefully built by the Beetle are now the ones that keep it alive.

Volkswagen Golf, Passat, Jetta, Touareg, Phaeton and New Beetle are the newest among the league. These and all other Volkswagens stage speed and quality performance that is much more impressive. And for customers to truly benefit from the sophistication of technology employed within the chassis of modern Volkswagen, devices such as sensors that help the driver monitor the operation and ensure their safety are made more reliably accurate.

Just as how indispensable the engine is to the machine, its speed is valued very vital. Any defect in its performance might lead to something unpleasant, and so must be detected early on. By the use of Volkswagen speed sensors, the driver is updated of the current operation of his vessel. This is the vehicle's electronic device that sends speed signals to every component where the data it has collected would be of use. Normally, Volkswagens feature speedometers and tachometers to show the visual data of engine's speed level. Modern Volkswagens though, just like other sophisticated automobiles today are equipped with vehicle computers where data of speed level are processed for tracking.

Volkswagen speed sensors are of two types, the engine speed sensor and ABS speed sensor. The first one records the rate of crankshaft spin, and then sends the info to the computer's engine management system. The latter is capable of measuring the rotational speed of the wheel. This type of speed sensor is present only in automobiles that feature anti-lock brakes. And so transmits the data to that specific program of the computer, the ABS management system. Which then also shows braking distances, lap times, cornering forces and know if the wheel is about to lock up, aside from acceleration rate.

Having with your Volkswagen reliable speed sensors gives you additional assurance of safety. For the information they provide gives the driver an idea of any probable trouble. At the same time, tells him if he can still hit higher speed level or need's to shift to lower point.