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Volkswagen Thing Ignition Switch

Typical Symptoms of a Faulty Volkswagen Thing Ignition Switch

Your Volkswagen Thing ignition switch might seem like a minor part of your overall machinery, but you won't even be able to drive without it. If starting your vehicle is not as smooth-sailing as it used to be, you might want to check up on your ignition switch. Here are some of the warning signs of an ignition switch that is on the verge of failure:

No-start condition

The most obvious symptom that could point to a bad ignition switch on your Volkswagen thing is a no-start condition. However, a car that won't start can also be caused by the failure of other components. To check that your starting problem is really caused by a faulty ignition switch, try eliminating the other possible reasons for your problem, starting with your car battery. In most cases, a bad ignition switch won't even produce a cranking sound when you try to start your car. Also, if your dashboard's warning lights don' even light up when you turn your key to the 'on' position, you probably have a bad ignition switch.

Malfunctioning car accessories

Since your ignition switch is also responsible for powering up most of your car's accessories, any problems with them can also be attributed to a bad ignition switch. For instance, if your radio or air conditioner randomly dies when you're on the road or if they only function when you try to wiggle your key inside the ignition switch, it might be time for you to get a replacement ignition switch.

Stalling and idling problems

There are also some instances when you won't have much trouble starting up your car, but your vehicle stalls when you try to idle during a red light. In some cases, a bad ignition switch can even cause your vehicle to stall right after you let go of your key. This is usually caused by a damaged connection between your car battery and the ignition switch. Try checking your electrical connections for cuts and other signs of wear. If the wires are in good condition, you probably have a damaged ignition switch.

Other troubleshooting tips

If you need to wiggle your keys excessively to get your car to start and your accessories to function properly, you probably have a damaged lock cylinder on your ignition switch as well.

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  • Ensuring a Great Performance from Your Volkswagen Thing Ignition Switch

    Your Volkswagen Thing ignition switch is one of the components of your car that rarely needs or gets any attention. However, once this component starts to fail, you will definitely experience a lot of problems ranging from intermittently working windshield wipers to a car that won't start at all. Here are some tips to help spare you from the troubles caused by a bad ignition switch:

    Regularly clean the lock cylinder.

    Sometimes, the reason for your starting issues might just be a buildup of all sorts of dirt and debris inside the lock cylinder. To avoid this, clean your ignition switch's lock cylinder using a can of pressurized air. Grease it up with some lock lubricant afterwards as well to ensure smooth operation. You should also make sure that your key is always free of dirt. Try cleaning it with mild soap and water whenever you clean your lock cylinder to avoid getting grime inside the ignition switch.

    Visually examine the electrical contacts on your ignition switch on a regular basis.

    Look for any cracks, pits, or signs of grime buildup on both the contact plate and the contact ring. If the contact plate and contact ring are dirty, you can just clean them, apply some dielectric grease, and reinstall them on your ignition switch. However, if they are pitted or cracked, then you need to get new electrical contacts for your ignition switch.

    Test your ignition switch with a voltmeter or multimeter.

    If your car starts having a bit of trouble during start-up or if your radio, windshield wipers, and other car accessories start to falter, test your ignition switch with a voltmeter or multimeter to see if it still functions properly. If you don't have a voltmeter or a multimeter, you can also use a test light to test your ignition switch. If your test light doesn't light up when you turn your ignition switch to the start position, then you need to replace your ignition switch at once.

    Check all the components of your ignition switch for signs of corrosion.

    Although your ignition switch is rarely exposed to moisture, it can still experience some rusting. Make sure that you regularly inspect each component of your ignition switch for signs of rust and replace the corroded component if possible.