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Voltage Regulator

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Balance plays a critical role in your car's battery charging system. Once the engine is cranked and running, it's all up to the alternator to supply electrical energy to the battery. That's because the battery can't support all of your car's electric-powered systems by itself.To make sure the battery receives just the right amount of voltage, though, the alternator is equipped with a voltage regulator. The voltage regulator cuts off power supply to the battery when voltage exceeds 14.5 volts.If the regulator didn't do its job, your car's battery may become damaged due to overcharging. As power is drained from the battery, the regulator allows the alternator to supply power to replenish the battery's charge.If one day, you discover that your car won't start up despite a fully functional engine and a full gas tank, suspect a voltage regulator. Switch off the ignition and don't panic. Have the regulator checked for voltage and replace if necessary. Carparts has plenty of regulators in stock.

• Keeps the power supply from your alternator at a safe voltage

• Helps prevent damage to your car's electric-powered systems

• Ensures that the battery is protected from overcharging