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Volvo 244 Parts and Volvo 244 Accessories

The Volvo 200, which was manufactured from 1974 until 1993, was a line of mid-size cars that could fit a whole family. With Volvo, safety is of great importance, which is why it's the ultimate family car in the market. One of the models sold in the 200 series was the Volvo 244, which was produced in 1980 until 1982. Even with just a span of two years, it still made an impact to world.

The Volvo 244 was a special automobile that really brought sales up for the company because it attracted the customers. It was equipped with several innovative safety features. In fact, the USA authorities used the 244 as their standard car when it came to improving new technologies or developing the existing ones. Compared to the previous 140 series, this model had a new chassis, new suspension systems, and came with larger bumpers to be able to absorb shock better. Indeed, you and your family were safe while inside the vehicle.

The Volvo 244 could accommodate up four to five passengers, which is the average size of a family. It's equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and is very easy to handle. Even though compact, the interior was spacious and gave comfort to people riding the automobile. Surely, even when you're braving a heavy traffic jam, you'd still feel at ease while being seated behind the wheel. Though the 244 was produced during the early 1980s, there are still proud owners using it up to this era. It's not a surprise that we can still see vintage vehicles being driven on the road today. If you want to keep driving your Volvo, then you better make sure that all the parts are still working. Upgrade them with new ones or add some accessories and you'll surely be driving it for a longer time.