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Volvo 740 Parts and Volvo 740 Accessories

Quick Fun Facts about the Volvo 740

  • The Volvo 740 was part of the Volvo 700 series-a range of mid-size cars manufactured by Volvo Cars in the 80s and 90s. It was joined by two other vehicle models such as the 760 (released two years before the 740) and the 780 (launched two years after the 740 was introduced to the market). The 700-made as a replacement for the 200 series-was eventually replaced by the 900 series in the early 1990s.
  • The 700 series was designed by the legendary Jan Wilsgaard-Volvo's chief designer at that time. He was named as one of the top car designers of the 20th century along with other famous names in the automotive world like Giorgetto Giugiaro, Giovanni Michelotti, Leonardo Fiovaranti, Ercole Spada, and more.
  • The “4” in the Volvo 740 was once used to signify its four-cylinder engine. But aside from this, it was also given other names like the “Volvo 745” for the five-door station wagon and the ”Volvo 744” for the four-door sedan.
  • 1993 was the final model year of the Volvo 740. It came with several changes including the replacement of the mechanical engine cooling fan by an electric fan. Additionally, the 740-along with other 1990-92 Volvo 700-series cars-was considered as one of the most reliable four-door passenger sedans of its era because of two reasons: one, it only has a few engineering limitations; two, it has an excellent build quality.
  • The Volvo 940-introduced in September 1990-was basically a 740. Although the rears in the 940 sedans are different, the vehicles' chassis, transmission, engine, and other details were identical to the 740. Aside from these, these car models also have the same drivetrain options, dashboard, and sheet metal that came from the A-pillar forward.
  • When it comes to car safety, the Volvo 740 was one of the most dependable vehicles at that time according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. As a matter of fact, it had the second lowest driver fatality rate in the United States back in 1994, which makes it the ideal car for small families.

Volvo 740 Articles

  • Volvo 740: Common Problems

    Volvo 740 is part of the Volvo 700 series and was introduced in 1984. It was more reasonably priced than the Volvo 760, which was the first model launched for the 700 series. Volvo 740 benefited from the prestige that the 760 gained, and it definitely proved to be a fine and satisfactory car except for some problems that 740 owners usually encounter. So to make sure that the Volvo 740 lasts, better watch out for these parts and see what can be done before any serious damage occurs. Overall, Volvo 740 is an excellent car, but it can be flawed as well.


    Volvo 740 brakes may be disappointing because they seem to be not firm enough. They can turn rusty even when used every day as well. In this case, changing the discs might help a lot. Jacking up the car and using axle stands instead of just a jack would be more advisable for safety. Remove the brake pads and be careful not to breathe in brake dust. The caliper and the hand-brake linings should be cleaned, too. In fitting the new discs, the preservative must be removed. Also keep in mind that the flexible hose should not be twisted when re-fitting the calipers. Applying copper grease to both sides of the anti-squeal shims is recommended as well.


    The Volvo 740 engine actually performs well but can be rough and noisy. What causes this sound is when the kick-down on the automatic transmission is used. This issue is most likely a design problem. However, changing the engine oil on a regular basis would surely help in preventing any more problems with the engine. Use oil and oil filter, which are of good quality. Remember to drain the oil when hot and never tighten the filter too much.


    There are complaints about the bent rims of Volvo 740, and this flaw can be very hazardous. For this problem to be solved and to prevent accidents in the future, changing the wheels and getting new rims would be the best thing to do. Alloy is recommended to ensure safety and good handling.