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Volvo 850 Corner Lights

The Common Culprits of Faulty Volvo 850 Corner Lights

The corner lights of your Volvo 850 illuminate the areas on the sides of your car so you could see the road clearer, and you can maneuver your car better. In spite of that, the corner lights are prone to dirt and grime; and through constant use, they will eventually show signs of malfunction. If you already notice that the corner lights of you vehicle is starting to become problematic, you should perform some troubleshooting. Read on to know some of the common problems you could probably encounter.

Malfunctioning corner lights

When your Volvo 850 corner lights are malfunctioning, what you need to do is to check their voltage using a multimeter. If the lights are in good condition, the multimeter should read 12 volts. Otherwise, the bulbs of the corner lights are already busted and you need to replace them immediately. However, if you saw the reading go up to 12 volts, but there was no light from the bulbs when you switched them from the car's dashboard, then the wires or connectors may be loose or disconnected. You have to reattach the wires firmly before you switch on the corner lights again.

Discolored corner light

Through time, the corner lights of your car will turn yellow because of aging. Aside from that, scratches and dirt that have built up on the surface of the corner lights leave the lights looking dull and unattractive. You can try and polish them using a microfiber cloth and a polishing compound if the discoloration is not severe. However, if the corner light has totally turned dark and yellow, then you might need to sand the corner lights already. Just remember not to use heavy sandpaper because it may cause deep scratches instead of removing them.

Corner light not bright enough

If you notice that your car's corner light is not bright enough, you have to take a closer look at it because dirt on its surface or condensation inside may have caused the light to dim. To check if it's dirt that's caused it, you can simply wipe the light's surface and see if it brightens up. You can also check if there's condensation inside the lights by simply looking for signs of moisture. However, if none of those two worked, then you need to test the bulb if it's starting to wear down and might need a replacement soon.

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  • Easy Tricks to Keep Your Volvo 850 Corner Lights in Mint Condition

    Keeping your Volvo 850 corner lights in mint condition doesn't only make your vehicle look good and neat, but they also help you see the road better by supplementing the headlights. However, the corner lights can attract dirt and grime wherever you go, that's why you have be persistent when it comes to cleaning them. To help you ensure that your corner lights stay bright and clear, here are some maintenance tips that you can easily perform in your own garage.

    Wash your Volvo 850 corner lights.

    There's no better way to keep the corner lights of your car clear and functioning than to wash it regularly. The most common way of cleaning your corner lights is by using a clean rag, car shampoo, and water. However, a cheap but effective way to remove dirt is by using toothpaste. All you have to do is to rub it on the corner lights' surface in a circular motion using a dry, soft cloth. Don't forget to rinse the surface with water until all the toothpaste is removed. Wipe it with a clean rag afterwards and let them dry.

    Apply polish to make the corner lights shine.

    Cleaning the corner lights with automotive soap or toothpaste is a good way to keep it clean, but they don't give that shining finish. You can make your Volvo 850 corner lights shine by applying aluminum polishing compound with a soft dry cloth. You can buff the lights by using a clean rag, and you may repeat the buffing process for 3 more coats or until the surface looks crystal clear and brand new.

    Protect the surface of the corner lights from scratches.

    When your car's corner lights are now clean and shiny, it's time protect its good condition with the help of a sealant. You can apply a good type of sealant that can be used on automotive lights and spray it evenly on the corner lights' surface. You should let the sealant sit for a few minutes before you wipe off the excess liquid thoroughly. Just make sure that there are no spray marks on the surface or else it will stain on the surface.