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Volvo Mirror

The reputation for safety is something that Volvo has earned for itself since the 1950s and something that the company is very keen not to simply throw away. It is for this reason that Volvo continue to equip their vehicles with high quality standard safety equipments, including air bags, safety seat belts, stability and traction control (STC) system, and a lot of other safety features. But safety is not only about protecting Volvo passengers in case of collisions; it is also about helping the drivers avoid accidents. And for this side of safety, Volvo has equipped their vehicles with driving aids like the Volvo mirrors.

There are actually a number of mirrors installed in every Volvo vehicle and all of them, except perhaps for the vanity mirror, are installed in their place for safety purposes. The first in this collection of auto mirrors would be the interior rear view mirror, which is installed between the two A-posts within the passenger compartment. This mirror allows the driver to have an easy central view of anything behind the vehicle. Outside the vehicle, on either side of the outer A-posts, is another set of auto mirrors called the exterior rearview mirrors, more popularly known on Volvos as the Volvo side view mirrors. Just like the interior rear view mirror, the side mirrors also provide the driver a clear view of everything behind the vehicle with just a slight glance.

Aside from the rearview mirrors, there are other mirrors that are installed or can be installed on a vehicle. In vehicles used for towing, towing mirrors that can be easily attached on a vehicle's existing side mirrors provides for the additional visibility needed to tow safely. Then there's the vanity mirror that pretty does nothing to keep the vehicle safe but allows you to take a good look at yourself without adjusting the angle of the more important auto mirrors.

Volvo vehicles are equipped with a complete set of vehicle mirrors. And for added functionality and class, many of the mirrors installed in a Volvo are power mirrors whose angles may be adjusted through the use of switches and buttons. Many Volvo vehicles are also equipped with automatic day/night rearview mirrors that automatically adjust its angle whenever hit by a bright light, thus reducing the glare created by the headlights of vehicles behind the car.