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Volvo S70 Axle Assembly

How to Troubleshoot your Volvo S70 Axle Assembly Problems

A mid-size luxury sedan like your Volvo S70 is definitely built with perfection in mind. From its shell down to its smallest components, the S70 may seem too good to be true. But after years of use, just like any other vehicles, the S70 and its parts are at risk of premature wear. Its axle assembly, for one is prone to wear out due to its function. So if you've been noticing a clicking sound whenever you corner, that's already a good indicator that your Volvo's axle assembly is acting up. Here are some more manifestations of a failing axle assembly:

Axle grease

Aside from the audible clicking sound, the presence of a thick, dark black grease on the axle is another obvious indicator that the CV boot is worn-out, and the axle joint is drying out. Once the CV boot is ripped, an axle replacement is your last resort. Beware, however, since this grease does not easily come off once it gets stuck on your hands or your clothes.

Rear axle noise

If you have been noticing a simple clattering sound coming from the back end of your vehicle, you can experiment if the real cause of the problem is the rear axle by isolating the noise. To do this, you should drive your car in an isolated highway, coast the vehicle with your engine off, and then listen to the sound. If, during the coasting test, you hear a constant whine, then a damaged gear teeth or improper adjustment of bearings are causing the problem. To verify, you may also check if there is a sharp metallic click whenever you shift from forward to reverse gear or when you are turning a corner.


Unnecessary shakes, both in the steering wheel and in the rear end of your vehicle, can be caused by several reasons. But a vibrating rear axle indicates that the vehicle may have unbalanced wheels, a bent rim, or a tire out of round. You may take your car to an experienced mechanic to ensure that the problem will be properly diagnosed, and if there is a need to replace damaged components in the axle assembly.

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  • Four Easy Tips to Maintain the Volvo S70 Axle Assembly

    The axle assembly holds your Volvo S70's wheels together, and enables them to move smoothly on the road. However, after a few years and several miles, this assembly wears out just like the other parts. When this happens, you would experience unnecessary shakes and hear metallic clicking sounds that are very alarming. To keep this essential part in a good condition, bear in mind these maintenance tips:

    Clean the axle assembly regularly.

    Leaks of axle grease, grime, and road dirt can build up on the different parts of the axle assembly and come into contact with the other parts. While this leak is an indicator of a worn-out CV boot, you can prevent this from happening by keeping the parts clean using a dry cleaning solvent. Since this solvent is toxic and flammable, make sure to wear protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area. Clean the inner and outer axle shafts carefully with the solvent and inspect the parts for cracks as well.

    Replace rear axle bearings and seals.

    Over time, bearings and seals become loose and worn-out. It is important to keep them in good shape since they hold the assembly together. Regularly check these components for cracks or tighten them to avoid leaks. But once a bearing or a seal gets lost or becomes worn-out, you should replace it immediately to avoid the consequences of a failing axle assembly. You can purchase a bearing and seal kit and do the replacement by yourself.

    Lubricate the assembly regularly.

    Just like any other car components made of metal, the parts of the axle assembly need to be oiled and serviced regularly. Refer to the factory's recommended service interval to ensure that the assembly is checked on a regular basis. Keeping the parts lubricated makes them less prone to wear out.

    Limit your driving.

    Since the axle assembly plays a huge role in making your wheels turn, then you should consider first before driving over rough terrain or dirt roads. A luxury sedan like the Volvo S70 shouldn't be driven over bumpy roads if you want to keep its axle assembly and other components in their optimal condition.