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Volvo S70 Strut Mounting Kit

Signs that You Need a New Volvo S70 Strut Mounting Kit

Ride comfort and handling are what make your luxury car very special. Your strut mount is crucial in these particular aspects. The mount works to reduce and cushion the noise and vibrations from the road bumps your car drives through. Age causes your strut mount to wear, and you need to know when you have to purchase a new strut mounting kit. There are common signs associated to strut mount wear. You have to familiarize yourself with these if you do not want to suffer the latter more serious consequences.

Damage and corrosion

Visual inspection is the easiest way to determine if your strut mount requires replacement. The mount is composed of different bushings, seals, and screws that may wear out easily. When you notice any sign of damage on these components, they simply mean that your strut mount has already experienced enough stress and abuse. More serious symptoms may follow if these signs are neglected. In this case, it is recommended to immediately install a new Volvo S70 mounting kit.

Clunking noise

Another sign of a worn strut mount that is easy to notice is suspension noise. This is characterized by a clunking sound from your strut. Your strut mount has a rubber insulator which cushions the noise and vibration from the road. This part is prone to wearing over time, and once it does, it would allow the strut to rub with the mount. This condition produces a clunking noise every time you steer your car. When this happens, the mount should be replaced.

Suspension vibrations

This symptom usually comes with the clunking noise. Since the rubber insulator of your strut mount no longer absorbers sound and vibrations, more of these signs can be experienced from the car. The vibrations may be more obvious when carrying heavy load. If you experience this symptom, you need to replace or lubricate your strut mount.

Memory steering

Memory steering-also called steering bind-refers to the condition when the vehicle pulls in the last direction it was turned. This happens because the bearings of your strut mount are worn out. As a result, it is harder for the wheels to turn back from where they are steered. When these bearings wear out, you need to have a new Volvo S70 strut mounting kit ready.

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  • Proper Care for Your Volvo S70 Strut Mounting Kit

    Once you take your luxury car for a drive after installing a new Volvo S70 strut mounting kit, your strut mount is one step closer to wearing. This is because, as part of the suspension system, the mount is exposed to stress and abuse from the car's weight and road bumps. Needless to say, you need to have your strut mount replaced eventually, but it would be so much better if you try to make your current one last for the longest time it can. Following are some tips you would find useful in making the mount serve you better:

    Change the mount along with the strut.

    Your strut and strut mount receive almost the same amount of abuse from the road. If the strut is due for replacement because of wearing out, the mount may not be far behind. Replacing the two suspension components at the same time would assure you that your suspension system would work better. More so, it saves time and effort because you would eventually need to replace your strut mount after driving some miles with your new strut.

    Align your suspension system after replacing your strut mount.

    Make it a rule of thumb to have your suspension system aligned whenever one of its components is moved or replaced. These include your strut mount. After installing a new Volvo S70 strut mounting kit, your vehicle would lose the previous alignment it had. This is due to the play in the bolts that connect it to the car chassis. If an alignment is missed, your car may have difficult handling that results in early tire wear.

    Make it a habit to lubricate your strut mount.

    Your strut mount is exposed to a lot of abuse and stress. With this, it needs to be properly lubricated to have smooth connections among its components. The best lubricant to use is white lithium grease. However, be careful in doing so because the bearings on the mount are sensitive.

    Clean the mount from time to time.

    Damage to your strut mount may be caused by corrosion and dirt. With this, you need to make sure the mount is cleaned from time to time. In washing the mount, brake cleaner would do the trick. Be careful, though. It is composed of different components that may be difficult to disassemble.