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Volvo V70 Parts and Volvo V70 Accessories

Things You Probably Didn't Know about the Volvo V70

  • In 2012, there were almost 22,000 newly registered Volvo V70s in Sweden, making the V70 model the most sold car in the country. But that's not the end of the story. Since it has been released in the market, the Volvo V70 has been the most popular car in Sweden and consistently named as the best-selling car, yes, for 17 straight years.

  • Meanwhile, the Volvo S60/V60 took the third spot in the list of the best-selling cars in Sweden while the Volvo V40 made it to the 25th spot despite being released in the market in August 2012. Because of the huge sales of the Volvo V70, the Swedish car manufacturer claims 18.9% of the market share on its home turf.

  • While the estate car segment continued to suffer in the United States in the late 90s and early 2000s, Volvo Car UK found itself owning 32% of the estate car market share during the first few years that the V70 was released. That was equivalent to 1.5% of the total car market.

  • Volvo vehicles are known primarily for safety. The V70 is no exemption. The first and second generation of V70 was awarded 4 out of 5 stars for adult occupant protection by the Euro NCAP. (The tests were made in the 1998 and the 2001 solon variant of the V70, the S60.)

  • The third-generation Volvo V70, particularly the 2007 model, was awarded 5 out of 5 stars for adult occupant protection by the Euro NCAP. The Volvo V70 scored an impressive 16 out of 16 for the side test and 15 out of 16 for the front test. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the V70 sedan variant the Top Safety Pick award with "good" ratings in front, rear, side, and roof strength tests.

  • The Volvo V70 has been awarded multiple times in several countries including Winter Car of the Year by Tekniikan Maailma in 2008 (Finland), Estate Car of the Year by What Car? Magazine, Best Estate Car by Auto Express Used Car Honours, and Best Used Estate Car and Used Car of the Year by Used Car Magazine in 2002 (UK), and other awards in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Japan, Canada, Thailand, and the United States.

Volvo V70 Articles

  • Volvo V70 Problems

    Volvo has been producing the V70 since 1997. The first-generation V70 started as a renamed Volvo 850 and ran from 1997 to 2000 while the second-generation ran from 2000 to 2007. The third-generation V70 is still being produced, but the V70 name is no longer used in the US. While the model has been awarded multiple times since it has been produced, owners or future owners may find the following as drawbacks:


    One of the major complaints about the V70 is the powertrain performance. While it is equipped with a relatively powerful (at least for its size) 3.2 engine, speed is something owners will sorely miss. While this is quite understandable because of its size and weight, still, it's unfair. Well, don't think of it as if it doesn't go beyond 60 mph. It does. But the problem is it may take a while before it reaches that speed. If there's any consolation, once the vehicle reaches 60 mph, it is easy to go up to 80 mph with little effort.

    A/C clutch

    Some Volvo V70 models have got defective A/C clutches that unlock when the temperature under the hood is very high, especially during hot weather. There were misdiagnoses that the problem is caused by an iced-up evaporator. The short-term remedy to this is to shut off the A/C for five minutes; the long-term solution is, of course, to replace the A/C compressor.


    In some 1997 and 1998 V70 models, the master lighting switch positioned on the instrument panel may not function, causing the headlamps not to illuminate at all. This one's alarming especially for people who frequently drive for long hours at night. Dealers were asked to replace the faulty switch with a high-quality unit.

    Child safety lock

    There are also some V70 models with child safety lock concern. In these models, powered child safety locks may not work, and it can be due to a defective wiring harness in the rear doors. To solve the problem, dealers checked the child locks for reliable operation, and replaced faulty power supply.

    Electronic throttle module

    The early electronic throttle modules used in some V70 models can fail. Fortunately, these components are covered by an extended 10-year, 200,000-mile warranty for the U.S. and Canadian markets. This issue was remedied by installing revised software.