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Volvo V70 Control Arm

Commonly Experienced Problems on a Volvo V70 Control Arm

The capability of cars to turn left and right is considered a very important feature by some motorists. It is a feature essential on most cars. A car that can't or wouldn't turn left or right can be considered a road hazard; this had been the cause of many road accidents. These have been attributed to the fact that one or both of the cars on the road had the inability to avoid each other. In order to avoid this, learn to spot some of the following problems before they develop.

Noisy control arms

Squeaking, knocking noises: these can be attributed to the fact that the front control arm had already failed. They are usually known by these noises, but there are other factors that can prove that your car needs control arm replacements. If you experience alignment issues and noises, you can almost certainly find a worn out bushing. Most of these are found in V70s that were brought second-hand. Some of the models from 2001 to 2010, however, have problems in their bushing even before they leave the car dealership.

Busted transmission

Another glaring disappointment with the V70 comes from the transmission. The case was spotted on a 2001 V70. Attributed to a miscalculation during repair, the V70 tends to have a delay on getting back to optimal ride height. Noises similar to a clanking sound can also be heard when trying to shift from D to R, and the car has a tendency to shift loudly into neutral when coming to a stop.

Wandering freely

When driving on the expressway, motorists with control arm issues notice that their car 'wanders' when driving on the freeway at high speed. This cannot be deemed as safe, most especially to the other motorists present on the highway. Failing control arms that have a ball joint issue has a tendency to do this. You can also notice a lot of quivering and shaking going on at the wheels when you go for a drive.

Other common issues

Other issues are related with the replacement of control arms. While some say that replacing only one control arm ought to do the trick, it might be better to replace both. Control arms tend to affect each other's performance, and with one bad control arm, it could dip the car's performance lower.

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  • Tips on Keeping your Volvo V70 Control Arm in Good Condition

    Suspension is an important system of a car. It determines whether a car would be smooth to ride and drive, or if a car would be going all over the place uncontrollably. Having a bad suspension weighs heavily on a car's performance. However, good suspensions give a car the smooth, quiet ride everyone looks for in a vehicle. This is partly thanks to a suspension part called the control arm. The control arms are responsible for the steering of a car, whether it can turn right or left with ease. Broken control bars usually give motorists headaches because of the problems they cause, mainly leaving your car out-of-control and almost hard to steer. Here are some tips to help avoid problems with control arms.

    Change your bushing

    Control arm bushings are pieces set into the control arm. They are usually an amalgam of rubber and metal, and they help in the control bar's steering. If these pieces break, however, you may find that your tires wear differently on all four sides. You may also find steering hard to do, since a broken bushing causes steering to pull slightly or aggressively to one side. Before this happens, at the first sign of uneven wear on the tires, change your bushing out in order to keep your vehicle easy to control.

    Replace torn and worn out control arms

    When driving, your car may give indications that your control arm is already in bad shape. This is characterized by steering vibrations, a condition that worsens at higher speeds. You can prove this by driving on a highway, gradually moving to higher speeds. At the first sign of steering wheel vibrations, check your control arm to see if it's worn out or torn. Replace your control arm if it is in this condition.

    Rehabilitate bushings

    Another way to keep your car working perfectly is to continue to use your original worn-out bushings. However, you need to have them rehabilitated to keep them working for your car. As an alternative to having them replaced, worn-out bushings can be put through this process in order to be used again. Among its benefits of it is it keeps the original factory handling abilities of the car, in addition to saving money from having your bushings replaced. You should bring them into a machine shop, though, in order to get them rehashed.