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Volvo V70 Control Arm Bushing

Common Issues with Volvo V70 Control Arm Bushing

Control arms are considered an important part of a vehicle. During travel, these are what enable your car to turn left or right to avoid traffic. Included in these is the control arm bushing, a small ball joint found at the pivot points which helps turning. If these were to break, however, the consequences could lead to severe accidents or worse. Read about some of the common problems with control arm bushing in order to avoid dire consequences coming from a busted one:

Out of place bushings

Driving can take its toll on your vehicle. There are many things that could happen, and getting your control arm bushing affected is one of them. It is a normal occurrence in most vehicles. The control arm bushing tends to get pushed out as you drive, causing a lot of issues. One of them is that you find your steering almost non-reactive. Another is that your steering wheel tends to shake a lot when driving straight. Learning to notice these changes in your car could save you from a lot of costly repairs.

Worn-out bushings

Loud, clanking sounds may come out when you're driving due to a bad bushing. Control arm bushings serve as a dampener to avoid control arm connections from making contact. It also acts as a cushion for the suspension, and to offer a more easy-to-control and quieter ride. Without it, many problems, such as loss of control and hard steering, may arise.


When driving, you may feel a slight decrease on the level of alignment and vehicle handling. The reason for thiscan be that the bushing had already deteriorated. The effect of this can also be seen on the tires. When the wheels and the tires are properly aligned, there is equal thread wear distributed among the tires. However, when the wheels are improperly aligned, thread wear among tires are not equal as well, with some wearing faster than the others.

Other common problems

There are many other signs that your bushing may be out-of-place, misaligned, or worn-out. These include not being able to steer properly and a screeching, squealing noise at the front of your vehicle. In order to remedy these before they develop further, learn to spot these tell-tale signs that you urgently need to have them repaired or replaced.

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  • How to keep your Volvo V70 Control Arm Bushing in Good Condition

    The importance of the job that a control arm does on a vehicle cannot be overlooked. It is a part that cannot be absent, as it helps a car with its suspension, and helps it steer at the same time. A part of this component that is associated with steering is the control arm bushing. Located between the control arm and the frame of the car, this helps it to keep control when moving and to steer left and right. Without this part, you may experience having little control over the steering. At the same time, there might be a metal-to-metal grinding between the control arm and the frame. Here are a few possible ways to avoid these scenarios.

    Replace both your control arm bushing

    A control arm bushing is nominally made of rubber. It is rubber on the inside usually, and its general purpose is to shield your control arm. Some control arm bushings are made of a combination of metal and rubber to allow for more durability. However, when your control arms starts to make clunking sounds, it may be time for you to replace your control arm bushing to avoid loss of steering and suspension problems. It might be wise for you to replace the other control arm bushing, too.

    Take note of your tire's wear

    Another main thing to look out for when sniffing around for worn or torn control arm bushing is your car's tires. Tires tend to suffer from the misalignment brought about by bad control arm bushings. When a control arm bushing goes, you're almost sure to notice that the car is not properly aligned. This misalignment causes uneven thread wear on your tires. When you happen to see one tire wearing faster than the others, it may be a good time to have your control arm bushing checked.

    Fix your bushing back to its place

    You may not avoid having to drive your car through different road and weather. If your car is heavily used, and you do a lot of driving on rough or uneven roads, take a look at your bushing. Chances are, your control arm bushing may suffer from being knocked out of place. This is a common occurrence where you find your car unresponsive or hard to steer. Put your bushing back in place in case this happens to you.