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Volvo XC70 Parts and Volvo XC70 Accessories

Some Interesting Tidbits About the Volvo XC70

  • Ever wondered what the XC70 from the Volvo XC70 stands for? During production, the company names their vehicles based on their outstanding feature. For this model, XC stands for, "Cross Country," while the 70 stands for the platform size. The highlight of this car was its ability to travel very long distances through all types of weather conditions.

  • Here is a neat car history tidbit: The Volvo XC70 was originally just a renamed Volvo 850, notable as the first front-wheel drive vehicle in North America. Its sedan and station wagon configurations were the basis for the first generation, and because of its increasing popularity, it simply took off from there.

  • A big appeal of the Volvo XC70 is its simplistic body style. The car's simple riffs on right angles, making it look elongated and slightly flat, gave it a unique look. The combination of utility and beauty in its form is what gave this vehicle its main draw.

  • The Volvo XC70 prides itself on being able to cross the roughest and steepest terrain that one could encounter when driving on those long country roads. The secret is in its high ground clearance. This small change made all the difference, as that allowed the vehicle to safety maneuver itself through rocky areas.

  • Wanna know who designed the Volvo XC70? He was none other than Peter D. Horbury, who is currently the Vice President of Design in Volvo. He was widely known not only for the XC70's restyling, but for a wide range of Volvo products. In fact, he was responsible for reviving the whole Volvo brand in 1991.

  • The Volvo XC70 is extremely popular amongst suburban families because of its high priority into security and safety. From its Dual Two-Stage Integrated Booster Seats and blind-spot monitoring, to its auto brake system, it ensures a worry-free ride amongst families.

  • Another great selling point of the Volvo XC70 is its affordability for its cargo capacity. Its spacious and adjustable interior, all while keeping a low cost, has earned it recognition amongst award giving bodies. In 2012, it had won the Vincentric Best Value of America award

Volvo XC70 Articles

  • Volvo XC70 Common Problems

    The Volvo XC70 has become a preferred choice when it comes to long-distance travelling for the family. Its all-wheel drive system and raised level allows the vehicle to traverse through multiple kinds of terrain, as well as look luxurious enough for the city lifestyle. Car owners then should be wary of these common problems the Volvo XC70 has before making a purchase. This would prepare them for what to come, and they would also be able to remedy them immediately


    A portion of the common problems the Volvo XC70 has involved its power train, in particular the automatic transmission. The problem usually involves the vehicle not being able to shift gears properly. Extended shift times and transmission loss are common complaints. Software upgrades have been suggested, although some still continued to malfunction. A fluid change is also recommended but again, to some the issues persisted. Some owners were forced to replace the transmission altogether, which is an expensive deal.


    Another power train problem was the engine. It involved the oil level uncharacteristically increasing, resulting in the car not being able to decrease its speed. Although software upgrades and oil adjustments were the recommended solution, in 2010 a recall of over 20,000 Volvo XC70s was announced to address this.

    Fuel Pump

    The Volvo XC70's fuel pump also had a few inconveniences. Under extreme heat and various qualities of fuel, the fuel pump could suddenly develop a crack in the flange. This can put the vehicle in extreme danger. Even the smallest leak from that could cause a fire inside your car when exposed to an ignition source. In response to this, a recall of over 158,000 units was made in 2010. The recall involved the replacement of the fuel pump with a modified one, free of charge.

    Child Safety

    Lastly, there was a recall in 2003 regarding the child restraint anchorage systems. Over 220,407 failed to comply with federal motor safety. The problem originates from the lack of a second isofix guide, as well as misinformation in the manual isofix. This could compromise the safety of the child in the seat, especially during an accident.