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Your car is not coated in heavy steel armor, unlike combat and armored fighting vehicles which can greatly resist battle scars, bullet shots, and all kinds of major damage. The vehicle you own might be tough, yes, but it's probably not strong enough to withstand heavy hits from stones, road debris, and accidents. Your car will likely suffer from noticeable scratches and dents due to the rigors of daily driving, so it's definitely a wise decision to mount extra protective accessories on the exterior, unless you want chipped grilles or a broken tail light assembly. To spare your vehicle body from merciless road situations, mount added protection to your ride with WAAG parts, the leading manufacturer of off-road accessory designs.

Wheeled Aircraft Access Gear, or simply WAAG, didn't plunge immediately into the automotive accessories business when it first started. The company was founded some 50 years ago but it wasn't an auto parts maker then. In fact, it manufactured iron and brass bedroom furniture at first. Yes, it's a far cry from the off-road accessories the brand is known for today, but the metal-working skills of the design team made it easy for the brand to enter the highly competitive world of automotive aftermarket. The famous WAAG grille guard is one of the company's first aftermarket products. It reinvented the boxy styles of older grille guards into a classier, more contoured styling. By following the lines of your vehicle's front end, the brand's grille guards provide better protection to the grilles and shield it well against collision impacts.

The brand not only protects the front end of your vehicle, but also the rear part with a WAAG tail light guard. The tail light assembly is also susceptible to dents and damage especially during bumper-to-bumper traffic. But WAAG uses heavy gauge steel plates matched with extra durable protective vinyl molding to encase your tail light assembly and keep it out of harm's way. With a tail light guard, you can rest easy knowing your car's tail lights won't suddenly go dead because of stone hits and careless bumps.