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Major highway accidents were greatly reduced with the introduction of anti-lock braking systems in modern cars. This technology raises your braking system a step higher by preventing wheel lock-up during emergency road situations. If your car's not equipped with ABS, you won't be able to steer your car while trying to stop, and this glitch often results to grievous accidents. But the anti-lock braking system is such a complicated mechanism that you would need to seek the help of an expert company to ensure you'll only get the most reliable ABS components. WABCO, or Westinghouse Air Brake Company, has over 142 years of automotive expertise, most of which were focused on developing the best anti-lock braking system parts.

This technology is particularly useful when a child or a dog suddenly crosses the street, or if the car in front of you stops suddenly without even flashing a warning light. The ABS will help activate the brakes of your car faster and also help you avoid the running child or the immobile vehicle in front of you. The system has four main parts-speed sensors, controller, pump, and valves. The sensors determine in advance whether a wheel lock-up will happen, and this information is sent to the engine's computer for further action. Each brake line is fitted with a corresponding valve that releases brake pressure. A controller is like the CPU, or the computer box of the entire system. It keeps a close watch on the speed sensors and assists in controlling the valves. Lastly, there's the WABCO ABS pump, the part which routes the pressure back to the brakes. The brake fluid pressure is needed to engage the ABS mechanism properly.

If one or more of these components fail, you will lose the capacity to brake safely during emergencies. This could put your life in danger, as well as cause major accidents on the road. It is highly recommended for you to install only WABCO parts to guarantee a failsafe system. The components from this brand ensure maximum protection against wheel lock-up, even if you're driving along slippery roads.