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How will the cooling system in your car work well if not for the water pump? It is one of the vital components in removing heat from your engine and keep your engine temperature in a manageable level.
The water pump is a centrifugal pump driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. It circulates coolant form the radiator, through the engine, and back to the radiator. The water pump has a shaft with a pulley on one end and a pump rotor on the other end. When the pulley is spun by a belt, the rotor starts to circulate the coolant.
Car water pumps have an inlet near the center so the coolant returning from the radiator hits the pump vanes. The pump vanes fling the coolant to the outside of the water pump, where it enters the engine.
Auto water pumps have various designs for different purposes. Most include a rotating impeller, which transmits the coolant through the engine block. As for most rear-wheel drive cars, the fan is installed on the end of the water pump shaft. These car water pumps usually have a spring-loaded seal to prevent water leakage around the pump shaft. Some water pumps are fitted with pre-packed ball bearings sealed at each end so lubrication won't be necessary. It is a must to have a fully-functioning water pump to avoid overheating and engine wear and tear engine. The circulating capability of an auto water pump will certainly cool your engine down at a manageable temperature.

Water Pump Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Water Pump

    To manage engine temperature easier, make sure that your vehicle's water pump works perfectly. This way you can prevent car troubles while on the road.
    Does your car frequently overheat? If it does, then your car has a serious water pump problem. A malfunctioning car water pump must be repaired as soon as possible or else it will lead to constant overheating. Without water or coolant, the engine will create uncontrolled amounts of heat that can cause engine failure. That's why you have to make sure that the pump is in top condition.
    s water from the center and pushes it out through the vanes located near the pump's inlet. Vibrations and hard impacts cause damage, making it unable to circulate coolant throughout the radiator and the engine. Signs of damage include coolant leaks, noisy bearings, and damaged impellers.
    If your pump is broken, you have to find a water pump replacement to ensure the performance of the engine. You can find high-quality replacements online. Before purchasing, make sure that the pump you're buying fits the specifications of your car. Don't think twice. Make overheating a thing of the past with a new engine water pump.

  • Water Pump: Just the Facts

    Often, the radiator is the first thing vehicle owners think of when it comes to engine cooling systems. But the radiator shouldn't be the only auto part credited for reliably cooling your vehicle's engine. There are other equally important components that help facilitate the cooling process. Take the water pump, for example. Without this component, there's no way for the coolant-liquid mixture to circulate through the engine block. Located at the engine area, the water pump is driven by a belt that gets the coolant flowing to the radiator. With a sufficient amount of coolant absorbing the engine's heat, overheating can be prevented. Remember, overheating can cause severe damage to many engine parts. So to prevent this trouble, keep all of your vehicle's cooling components in top shape. If you need a new water pump for a replacement, Auto Parts Deal is here to help.

    • Our topnotch water pump units are guaranteed to deliver cooling fluid to the engine block.

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