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Water Pump Gasket

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The cooling system is a crucial component of your car's engine. If the engine cooling system developed a leak, let's say, somewhere around the water pump, the resulting coolant loss could cause the engine to overheat.That's why, as a preventive measure, the engine comes with a water pump gasket. The gasket fits right in the gap between the water pump and the engine. By sealing off the area around the pump's opening, the gasket ensures that coolant leaks are prevented.Over time, though, the gasket can get damaged due to rust and corrosion. Thus, flushing the entire cooling system eliminates all possible sources of corrosion, which will help the gasket last longer. Improper installation can affect the water pump gasket as well. So before installation, make sure the mounting area is completely clean.That way, both the water pump and its gasket will protect your car's engine from overheating more efficiently. If you need a replacement gasket, plenty are in stock at Carparts.

• Made from high-quality materials for longer life

• Has a direct fit for hassle-free installation

• Available for all engine types