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Weatherstrip Seal

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Auto Installation 101: Attaching a New Weatherstrip Seal

Are your car’s doors starting to leak or rattle? Then it’s time to strip off the old weatherstrip seal and install a new one. This often-forgotten component is responsible for providing an air-tight seal while the doors are closed. Once this part wears out, the doors might feel a bit loose, and air and water can easily get inside the cabin. So once you experience these signs, get your hands on a new seal and attach it as soon as possible. Here’s how:

Required skill level: Novice

Tools you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Seal adhesive
  • Weatherstripping remover
  • Water hose or sandpaper
  • Inspecting the replacement weatherstrip seal

    Before you start with the actual installation, it’s best to take a closer look at the new seal. Make sure it’s the same as the old one. The new one should have the same thickness, shape, and holes as the old seal.

    Removing the old seal

    Using a screwdriver, you might need to remove screws in order to remove the worn-out seal. Once the screws are removed, gently peel off the old weatherstrip. For hard-to-remove bits, spray them with some weatherstripping remover first. Then once the weatherstrip softens, peel it off again and see if all the bits are removed. You can use the screwdriver to gently pry off any remaining strips. For leftover adhesives, spray them with some weatherstripping remover. Wait for the glue bits to soften up. Then remove them with a screwdriver.

    Prepping the new seal

    Once you’ve removed every bit of the old seal and glue, place the new seal onto the frame. Check if the new seal fits perfectly around the frame’s contour. Then remove it. Before attaching it, clean it with sandpaper or rinse it with water. This is to make sure that the new weatherstrip doesn’t contain any contaminants or rough spots.

    Installing the new weatherstrip

    Sparingly apply adhesive on the new weatherstrip’s back side. Then attach it onto the frame before the glue dries up. Make sure that the new seal snugly fits every nook and cranny of the frame. Then re-install any screws you’ve previously removed.

    Weatherstrip Seal Articles

    • Battle of the Weatherstrip Seal Brands: Fairchild Industries vs. Metro Moulded

      Two established weatherstrip seal brands, Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded, both claim to provide maximum sealing capabilities with their weatherstripping products. To see which brand deserves the top spot, we’ve tested their weatherstrip seals on our Ford F-150. Here’s what we have to say:

      Construction and material

      Upon closer inspection, both Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded provided seals that are sturdily constructed using high-grade rubber. We noticed that Metro Moulded’s product is softer yet highly durable, but when we attached both stripping seals, both products provided an airtight seal.

      WINNER: Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded

      Ease of installation

      Installing the product from Fairchild Industries was a breeze. Because it was constructed to match OE specs, it fit perfectly and didn’t require any special tools to install. Same goes for the Metro Moulded seal. This product was also made to match our F-150’s specs to a T, making installation an easy task.

      WINNER: Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded

      Extra features

      Both brands offer products that are sunlight-, ozone-, and water-resistant, making Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded ideal options when looking for a highly resilient replacement for a worn-out seal.

      WINNER: Fairchild Industries and Metro Moulded


      The price range for Fairchild Industries weatherstripping products is from $15 to $97, while the range for Metro Moulded items is $8 to $37. Because Metro Moulded offers a lower price range, this brand is a good bet for consumers looking for more budget-friendly options.

      WINNER: Metro Moulded


      Fairchild Industries backs it weatherstripping seal with a limited warranty, while Metro Moulded offers a 15-year limited warranty. In this round, the winner is the brand with the longest and clearly detailed warranty plan.

      WINNER: Metro Moulded

      The verdict

      In this battle of the weatherstrip seals, the clear victor is Metro Moulded. Both brands are highly durable, easy to install, and provide nifty extra features, but Metro Moulded snagged the top spot because it provides a lower price range and a longer and clearly detailed warranty package. So if you’re looking for a replacement weatherstripping seal for your ride, you’re sure to get the most out of your budget with a Metro Moulded product.