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Your car lights, windows, and AC-all these components make use of a relay for them to operate well. A relay works like a switch. It is capable of controlling a certain component with the use of a magnetic field. Relays allow a first circuit to operate a second, even without direct contact between the two circuits. The process is just simple, but the function of the relay is crucial to the operation of the parts that use them. Wehrle, one of the top manufacturers of relays today, has a broad range of these parts offered for different components.

The company manufactures relays for all the components mentioned in the first part of this article. Other than those parts, the brand also offers a Wehrle flasher relay, Wehrle cold start relay, and a Wehrle starter relay, all designed to work with a wide range of car makes and models. These parts are built as direct OE replacements, which means a lot. First, this means that the parts are specifically built for your vehicle, much like the stock parts of your ride. Second, this means that they are compatible with other parts in your ride-they'll have no problem working with other components. And third, this means they install directly in place with no complex processes needed because they fit perfectly.

Most relays work reliably for a long time, but there are also instances when they fail. Corrosion can set in after a while, especially when the parts are exposed to moisture. Another common relay problem is burning of the contact. This can happen after a while, brought in by the constant flow of electricity through the said parts. When any of these problems happens, the operation of the entire components controlled by the relay will be affected. So, never hesitate and replace the part at once-get a Wehrle relay!