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Performance is, first and foremost, horsepower. When looking for performance upgrades in your vehicle, you'd want to look into upgrades for the engine. But, know that the engine isn't the only source of power. There's also power in certain vehicle parts working with your main motor-you just have to tap these components. And, Weiand can help you in tapping the said parts.

The company offers performance parts and supporting hardware to the said parts. It is most famous for engineering the very first aluminum intake manifold back in the year 1937. And, fast forward today, its manifolds are still taking the lead in the market. They have an OE built, but they're engineered to provide more horsepower to propel your ride. Drivers attest to getting as much as 566 horsepower in their drive-now ain't that pure power? The manifolds from Weiand also last longer than others and do not require maintenance, thanks to the parts' unique Everbright polish.

Although the brand is popular for its manifolds, though, the said parts are not the only products that it offers. It also offers the Weiand carburetor linkage and Weiand supercharger gasket-supporting components maybe, but these parts are crucial to the efficiency of the parts that they support. And, other than these, the brand today is also taking the lead in the manufacture of high-flow water pumps. The Weiand water pump is a testimony supporting the need for balance in the engine-it isn't all about performance; the engine must be properly maintained as well. And that's just what this pump does. It keeps the engine at the correct temperature, all while conserving energy. It's very durable and lightweight, so it doesn't place much load on your car.