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Grille Guard by Westin

Give your grille the ultimate armor with the Westin Classic Grille Guard. Providing a rugged, stylish design that molds perfectly to the body of your car, the Classic Grille Guard is an eye-catching and impressive way to keep your car safe from bumps and bruises.

A perfect solution for the driver that goes off the beaten path, this grille guard will suit you whether on the road or off. When considering straight-up strength, this grille is tough to beat. Constructed from durable 1.25" diameter steel tubing with impressive steel uprights, the Classic Grille Guard provides ample protection against even the hardest conditions. And with the added protection from the rubber-extruded pads, you never have to worry about any damage getting at your grille.

Thanks to the perfectly molded outer hoops, the shape of the grille fits your vehicle like a glove. And with the option of either a chrome-plated or black powder-coat finish, you've got plenty of style to go along with your protection. Definitely a classic look with a proven design.

No other grille guard provides such great protection. Keep your truck or SUV in top shape with the Westin Classic Grille Guard. With it, you'll never have to worry about a fender bender or other accident denting your front bumper. This quality grille has met the needs of countless consumers, and will definitely not let you down. The perfect solution for your American-made vehicle.

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Westin Grille Guard Articles

  • Westin Series: Sportsman 1 Piece

    Westin Grille Guard

    Give your grille ultimate protection with the Westin Sportsman 1-Piece Grille Guard. With a sturdy, good-looking design that provides ample protection to the front end of your vehicle, the Sportsman 1-Piece will keep you covered. Never have to worry about damage due to fender benders or off-road action again. With impressive 1.5" steel tubing and a welded crossbar for added strength, nothing will get past this grille guard.

    The Sportsman 1-Piece is painstakingly crafted for a number of vehicles. Designed to precisely mold to the front of your truck or SUV, this grille guard provides an eye-catching and sporty look to the front of your vehicle. And with drill-free installation, the mounting brackets exploit existing holes on your vehicle's frame. This provides an easy installation that also preserves strength and minimizes vibration.

    Once in place, the Sportsman 1-Piece still provides easy access to your vehicle. The rubber extrusions of the vertical uprights and removable light guards give you quick access to your headlamps. This smart design means you don't have to remove the entire grille guard to change out a burnt out taillight.

    With a sleek design and impressive strength, the Sportsman 1-Piece easily gets the job done. You'll also benefit from the included holes that accommodate most auxiliary light setups. Available in either a black powder-coat finish or chrome-plated stainless steel, Westin's Sportsman 1 Piece Grille Guard is ready to give your vehicle the protection is deserves.

  • Westin Series: Sportsman CPS

    Westin Grille Guard

    The Westin Sportsman CPS Grille Guard brings together a simple, rugged design with quality construction. With a variety of fittings that are guaranteed to provide the perfect fit for your truck or SUV, you are sure to find a Sportsman CPS to fit your needs. Strap it on for ultimate protection for the front-end of your vehicle.

    Constructed from a high-grade 304 stainless steel with chrome-plating, the Sportsman CPS delivers maximum strength while simultaneously eliminating the possibility of rusting. For added muscle, the cross tubes are a hefty 2.5" in diameter and the vertical uprights make their presence known with a 7-gauge size. And just for good measure, the uprights also include a rubber extrusion for added protection.

    The simplistic design is both elegant and rugged. This grille guard includes a perfectly molded design for your vehicle that matches the contours of its front end. For added usability, the light guards are easily removed for easy access. That means you don't have to worry about removing the entire grille just to switch out a burnt-out light bulb.

    Outfit your ride with the Westin Sportsman CPS Grille Guard and you'll get an accessory that will get you noticed. With easy installation and a sturdy construction that minimizes vibration while maximizing protection, Westin has created a real winner. Keep your truck or SUV riding strong with the Westin Sportsman CPS Grille Guard. Includes modular assembly for easy shipping.

  • Westin Series: Sportsman KD

    Give your truck or SUV some serious bad boy looks with the Westin Sportsman KD Grille Guard. A stylish way to protect the front-end and headlights of your vehicle, the Sportsman KD makes a great addition to any vehicle. Show other drivers that your beast of a machine means business with a grille guard that really likes to show off.

    Built with a sturdy design, the Sportsman KD Grille Guard is constructed with carbon steel. The 2.5" diameter cross-tubing and 7-gauge vertical uprights provide a simple, yet solid structure that can hold up to whatever the road has to throw at it. For added protection, the uprights are detailed with a rubber extrusion.

    The Sportsman KD provides the perfect accent to your truck or SUV. With an appealing black powder-coat finish it looks great against any vehicle. The vertical uprights contour to the vehicle's front end for a design that hugs perfectly. And for added versatility and appeal, the light guards can be easily removed for quick headlamp access. That means you don't need to remove the grille guard to switch out a busted headlight.

    With great protection and a great look, the Sportsman KD is ready to give your truck or SUV the perfect look. Installation is a snap, with all installation hardware included and no drilling required. Add that touch of ferocity you've been looking for with the Westin Sportsman KD Grille Guard.