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Nerf Bars by Westin

Gain the extra footing you need with a Westin Oval Tube Step Bar. This extra wide stepping surface provides a stable and convenient step pad for easy entering and exiting of your vehicle. The Oval Step Bar is the perfect solution for giving you that extra boost to saddle up in your truck or SUV.

No need to worry about a wobbly support system, the Oval Tube Step Bar is as sturdy as they come. Constructed from extruded aluminum, this tube step was built with quality in mind. And with a grooved surface that helps to channel water away during nasty weather, you can be sure that the anti-slip design will keep you on your toes and off the ground.

This simple and effective step system adds just the right amount of style to your vehicle. The black polymer end caps add a touch of class and the chrome-plated or black powder-coat finish is guaranteed to accent whatever truck or SUV you have. And with the Oval Tube Steps available in 5 different sizes, you can be sure that you will find a model that will fit your ride.

With a sturdy, no-slip construction and an eye-catching design, the Westin Oval Tube Step Bar is the perfect accessory for your vehicle. Get into your truck or SUV with ease and confidence. With a 4.75" footprint, you get the extra width you need for sure-footed exits and entries.

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Westin Nerf Bars Articles

  • Westin Series: Platinum Series

    Accessorize your truck or SUV with the quality it deserves. The Westin Platinum Series Step Bar has a state-of-the-art construction that ensures maximum durability and design. Westin takes pride in their products. All Platinum Series Step Bars are completely manufactured in-house to ensure quality control. And with the engineers going to extreme lengths to perfectly exploit the existing holes in your car's frame, you know you are getting the absolute strongest product with simple, no-drill installation.

    These 3" diameter bars are crafted from 304 stainless steel tubing for impressive durability and weather protection. The step pads provide a solid step area with maximum grip for sure-footed entry and exit from your vehicle. And because the step pads are also UV resistant, you can be sure that they will retain their color and won't crack under harsh conditions.

    The Westin Platinum Series looks good too. With a simple, rugged design that hugs your vehicle with a precise design, you get an eye-catching accessory for your vehicle. For added appeal, you have your choice of a chrome-plated or powder-coat finish so you can get the look you want.

    With a wide, easy-to-access step that is both durable and stylish, the Platinum Series has it all. Guaranteed to never yellow of tarnish over time, Westin backs this product with a lifetime warranty. Go with a product that you can trust. Go with Westin's Platinum Series Step Bar.

  • Westin Series: Signature Series

    The Westin Signature Series Step Bar is the perfect accessory to add to your truck or SUV. Get in and out of your vehicle with ease, all while adding a stylish touch to the exterior of your car. Manufactured to a wide range of vehicle-specific applications, these step bars use the vehicle's original equipment mounting points for extra durability and simple, no-drill installation.

    With a 3" diameter, the Signature Series gives you a large launch pad that won't have you tip-toeing to get into your vehicle. The mounting bracket has been customized to fit your vehicle precisely, and because the bar is constructed from either mild steel or polished 304 stainless steel tubing, you also won't have to worry about any wobble.

    The stepping area on the step pad is designed for easy exit and entry from your vehicle. Constructed from a UV-resistant molded polymer, the stepping area gives just the right amount of grip, while simultaneously protecting itself from cracks or fading from harsh weather conditions. The step area is also seamlessly recessed into the bar, so you won't have to worry about tripping over any bumps.

    u the option of customizing your vehicle the way you want to. If you are looking for a simple, yet effective step bar that can stand up to harsh conditions, than you've found your product in Westin's Signature Series Step Bars.

  • Westin Series: Sport Tube

    The wheels on your vehicle can kick up any number of dirt and debris. Much of this debris can easily jump up and catch the exterior of your car. Avoid unsightly dings, paint chips and general grime with the help of Westin's Sport Tube Accent Bars. These bars provide ample protection for the side of your vehicle by blocking the path of any flying debris.

    Designed to fit directly against the vehicle's rocker panel, the Sport Tube gets maximum clearance for maximum coverage. Available for a variety of vehicles, the tubes work especially well with lowered trucks. With a tube diameter that matches the size of your vehicle (2.5" or 2"), you get custom protection designed specifically for your ride.

    The Sport Tubes give your car a great look too. The ends curve subtly under the vehicle for seamless integration and the chrome-plated stainless steel shines bright while simultaneously eliminating rust and reducing maintenance. Plus, the mount brackets are welded directly to the tube for a low-profile construction.

    With the help of Westin's Sport Tubes, you can extend the like-new appearance of your vehicle. With a .049" wall thickness, it can stand up to whatever the road has to throw at it. And with easy installation and a stylish design that is easy on the eyes, the Sport Tubes have it all. Protect your pride and joy for years to come with the help of Westin.