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Wheel Bearing

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Wheel bearings function very much like typical bearings found in inline skate wheels or electric motors. The wheels spin smoothly and quietly. Without wheel bearings, the wheel of our vehicles will instantly wear out of friction, leaving us penniless because of constant replacing.
As for 4-wheeled vehicles, each has a pair of front wheel bearings and a pair of rear wheel bearings. They perform two main jobs, namely: allowing the wheels with minimal friction; and supporting the vehicles' weight. The wheel bearings must be in tip-top shape to perform such tasks. The seals must be leak-free, as well. This would protect the lubricants inside from harmful contaminants outside it.
Front wheel bearings and rear wheel bearings could hold up to 850 lbs depending on the front-to-rear weight distribution of a car. In a 6-ton SUV, each bearing can carry about 1,500 lbs. If wrongly adjusted, a wheel bearing may wear out early. The sealed grease, which is the most vulnerable part of the bearing, will start to leak. Dirt enters the bearing cavity, damaging the wheel bearing.
Another factor to wheel bearing damage is water. This causes rusting of the bearing and contaminates the grease in the bearing cavity. Some bearing seals are not built to keep water out of these bearings. Vehicles, most especially off-roaders (with wheels frequently sunk in the mud or hub-deep water during floods), must have their bearings cleaned thoroughly. In this manner, there will be greater interval before the wheel bearings are replaced.

Wheel Bearing Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wheel Bearing

    High quality wheel bearings ensure smoother, easier driving. Browse our catalogs to find the perfect wheel bearing for your vehicle.
    Beyond the tires of your ride is a metal mass that holds the whole wheel assembly together. This is referred to as the wheel hub assembly. Your car's wheels are able to turn easily due to the wheel bearing in the assembly. This bearing is found in the wheel's spindle. Though there are other metal parts in the wheel hub assembly, friction is not a problem because of the bearing. For excellent maneuverability, you must ensure that the bearing is always in good condition.
    Maintain your bearing's good shape by keeping it well-greased all the time. This grease makes the metal parts in the assembly slide against each other to achieve smooth operation. Grease also cleanses the wheel bearing off corrosive elements like moisture and sand. You can re-pack your wheel bearings with grease after 24,000 miles of travel. This goes for both the front wheel bearing and the rear wheel bearing.
    But even though you grease your wheel bearing as recommended, it is still susceptible to damage since it has to bear the whole vehicle's weight. Defective bearings cause erratic car performance which is not at all good for your safety. So when your stock gets damaged, you must install a high-quality wheel bearing replacement to bring back good vehicle performance and safe driving.

  • Wheel Bearing: Just the Facts

    By themselves, your vehicle's wheels cannot completely support or move your vehicle's weight. This is why the wheels are equipped with components called wheel bearings. A crucial part of the suspension system, the wheel bearing helps the wheels with two things: rotating with minimal friction and supporting the vehicle's weight. To do these tasks more efficiently, wheel bearings often come packed in grease and sealed. A wheel bearing is usually designed to last for more than 150,000 miles, but a wheel bearing can fail prematurely when frequently subjected to heavy loads. As a result of wear and tear, the wheel bearing's seals can break and allow dirt and water into the bearing's cavity. And when water enters the wheel bearing, you can expect rust to follow. Don't wait for these problems to happen. Remember, the wheel bearing must be in top condition for your vehicle to benefit from this suspension component. Once your vehicle's wheel bearings get damaged, don't hesitate to look for replacements. You can start your search by clicking through Auto Parts Deal's catalogs.

    • Helps your vehicle run more smoothly

    • Supports the vehicle's weight

    • Comes with reinforced grease seals

  • Wheel Bearing: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    In your vehicle, there's a component that functions similarly to another component found in an inline skate. That's the wheel bearing assembly. Part of the suspension system, the wheel bearing assemble. performs two crucial tasks: helping your vehicle's wheels turn with a minimal amount of friction and supporting your vehicle's weight. To do these functions, the entire wheel bearing assembly should always be in perfect shape. Also, the wheel bearing assembly's seals must be kept leak-free at all times. When water mixes with the grease inside the wheel bearing assembly, the contaminated grease can cause wheel bearing components to rust. And this leads to your vehicle's wheels wearing out significantly earlier than they should. To prevent these problems, replace your vehicle's wheel bearing assembly at the first sign of damage. For fast convenient shopping, you can count on Auto Parts Deal. We have a wide variety of wheel bearing assemblies in stock, all ready for immediate shipment.

    • A topnotch wheel bearing assemble. allows the wheels to turn with minimal friction and wear.

    • Our wheel bearing assemblies are easier to maintain and work better with sufficient lubrication.

    • A wheel bearing assembly from us can minimize steering wander.

  • Wheel Bearing 101: How does it work?

    There's nothing to stop you and your car from riding from dusk till dawn - except a worn-out wheel bearing module. It plays an important role in your car's performance because the module helps your wheels spin more easily. The wheel bearings and the module are usually greased or lubricated to prevent the damage that could caused the wheels' rotation. Once the lubrication leaks, though, the module will become especially prone to severe damage. You'll know the module is about to give out once you start noticing weird noises or vibrations coming from the wheels. It won't be a good idea to wait for the module to completely fail, because the wheel axles could get damaged as well. The best solution to a damaged wheel bearing module is replacement. Luckily, quality replacement modules can be found here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Each bearing module from us meets or exceeds OE specifications.

    • Our wheel bearing modules are sealed to prevent lubricant leakage.

    • Our wheel bearing modules can last longer and perform better than their counterparts.