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Wheel Cylinder

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In case your vehicle's stock wheel cylinder gets damaged, replace it immediately. Don't compromise your safety, get a premium quality wheel cylinder now.
Your driving safety is at risk even if just a small portion of your vehicle's braking capacity is lost. More often than not, braking power loss is caused by faulty brake parts in your vehicle. The wheel cylinder, in particular, is prone to developing hard-to-detect leaks that can seriously affect your vehicle's braking performance.
When you step on your vehicle's brakes, pistons in the wheel cylinder come into contact with hydraulic pressure in the form of brake fluid. The pressure causes the cylinder's pistons to move against the brake shoes. This, in turn, forces the brake shoes against the brake drum, making the wheels stop. Over time, however, the cylinder becomes corroded by the moisture that gets into it with the brake fluid. This brings about the failure of the pistons' seals at containing the brake fluid inside the cylinder. Hydraulic pressure is then decreased, while other brake parts become contaminated with the leaked brake fluid. This results in weak braking or, worse, brakes that are stuck in place. Either way, a faulty wheel cylinder means trouble, both for you and your vehicle.
So before this happens, have a good look at your vehicle's brake parts. Once you discover that your vehicle's wheel cylinders are corroded or leaking, don't hesitate to get replacements for them. Replacements aren't hard to find now that you're here. Our store offers a complete line of replacement brake parts for a wide range of makes and models.

Wheel Cylinder Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wheel Cylinder

    Stopping a vehicle with a drum brake system is virtually impossible with a failed wheel cylinder. Located in each wheel, the wheel cylinder is connected to the shoes via small rods. The wheel cylinder's task is to force the brake shoes onto the brake drum; friction between the shoes and the drum allow the vehicle to slow down and eventually stop.Contained inside the wheel cylinder are two pistons that are each equipped with a rubber seal. The seal is prevents pressure and brake fluid from leaking out the pistons. For further protection, wheel cylinders are also usually equipped with rubber dust boots that keep moisture, dirt, and brake dust out of the cylinder's body.Unfortunately, time takes its toll on the wheel cylinder, causing it to leak. When this happens, your vehicle's braking capacities are compromised. Wheel cylinders are relatively affordable, so you have no reason to delay replacement. And don't worry, Auto Parts Deal is here to provide your vehicle's next wheel cylinder.

    • Comes complete with an inverted flare insert for leak prevention

    • Ensures reliable braking

    • Designed to be a direct-fit replacement for your vehicle's stock wheel cylinder