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Improve auto handling while keeping your wheels perfectly aligned. Equip your ride with a quality Hub Assembly and Hub Bearing Assembly/
Bad handling is the last thing you want from your ride. You can get superchargers, turbo kits, and other enhancement parts to boost your car's horsepower, but if your wheels don't respond well to your steering wheel, then you have a big problem. More often than not, steering problems are the cause of wheel misalignment. To keep your wheels in proper alignment, you should make sure that your hub assembly is in perfect working condition.
This assembly consists of the hub, the hub bearings, and the front hub assembly. The hub is the rotating part of wheels located at its center. It helps keep the wheels in proper alignment to establish better handling and steering. On the other hand, the hub bearings support the entire assembly to keep it in place. These bearings are available in various shapes and sizes, which are specifically designed for your wheel assembly's specifications. Lastly, the front hub assembly protects the inner designs of your wheels from unwanted debris. When your car has gone for about 80,000 miles, the rule of thumb suggests that you should have your front hub assembly checked.
The hub assembly is an essential part of your wheels. Without it, steering and handling would be extremely hard. While getting different speed upgrades is all well and good, these performance parts should be paired with high-quality hub assemblies. Remember, speed counts for nothing if it can't be controlled.

Wheel Hub Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Wheel Hub

    Need a wheel hub assembly? Our wheel hub assemblies are guaranteed to hold wheel components together, no matter what the conditions are.
    The engine shouldn't be solely credited for your vehicle's effortless performance on the road. Your vehicle's wheel hub assemblies work hard to give you smooth, hassle-free driving, too. Located at the center of each of your vehicle's wheels, the wheel hub assembly is indispensable when it comes to the wheels' movement.
    The wheel hub assembly's most important function is to contain the wheel bearings. Usually packed with grease, the wheel bearings allow your vehicle's wheels to turn steadily and quietly. Thus, they carry most of your vehicle's weight as well. With smoothly working bearings, you can thus drive your fully-loaded vehicle without exerting too much effort. Aside from holding the wheel bearings, the wheel hub assembly also holds the wheel parts together. It secures the wheels to your vehicle's body through various nuts and bolts, so that none of your vehicle's wheels suddenly pops off on the road.
    Due to these load-bearing and support functions, wheel hub assemblies and their components are prone to early damage. Steering wander and grinding noises are just some of the indications that these parts have become faulty. Should you notice these symptoms, don't hesitate to get replacement parts. They're easy to find, especially with us. Check us out to discover your choices/