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Sure you have a race-ready vehicle that can churn out hundreds of horsepower. Question-are you able to enjoy it to its fullest? No? Well, the speed regulations being imposed in highways today limit the fun and enjoyment that most drivers and car enthusiasts get from their upgraded, high-horsepower vehicle. There's still a way out, though. Have you ever heard of Whistler?

This company is a leading technological innovator that manufactures and offers laser radar detectors and red light camera detectors. It comes to the rescue of car drivers who are looking for a way to enjoy their ride even in public highways. It offers a complete selection of technological gadgets that are all useful, functional, and driver-friendly-they can be used even by average car owners. Aside from its detectors, the brand also offers power inverters, inspection cameras, and golf GPS. All of these Whistler products are incorporated with the latest in technology, and they're able to meet up with the advancing technologies in vehicles and on the road today.

So, what can you expect from the devices offered by the brand? Well for one, each Whistler radar detector boasts of total band protection with 360-degree coverage. Meanwhile, its red light detectors come with a free update for one whole year. They also allow you to enter a location manually, up to a hundred. The devices offered by the company are universal in nature. Meaning, they are compatible with different vehicles. These are also easy to install, as easy as they are to use. So, from mounting to operation, you'll have no hassle dealing with the said devices.