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Get hooked. Most off-road enthusiasts, whatever make or model of truck or SUV they're driving, have come across sticky situations. Where all else fails, a winch won't. It'll come in handy especially if you're off on an adventure alone.Rocky mountain and desert roads can and will render your monster tires useless at times. You can't just stick a winch, however, on your front bumper. The right equipment would be a winch mount. It hooks up to your truck or SUV's underchassis for a firm and sturdy hold.Nothing is more disheartening than getting caught in a sticky situation with no help coming. Make sure you're packing the right gear for your adventures. If you're carrying a winch, it better be on a tough winch mount. Carparts will help you find the right one for your truck.

• Winch mounts provide sturdy winch placement.

• Our winch mounts come with special short winch and optional 50-feet wire ropes.

• Our winch mounts fit without drilling or welding.

Winch Mount Articles

  • Rugged Ridge vs. WARN: Which is the Better Winch Mount?

    Versatility, stability, and durability--these are the characteristics that you might want to look for in a winch mount. Warn Industries and Rugged Ridge are the best winch mount manufacturers in the industry today. Both winch manufacturers use the best materials to create winch mounts that give your winch a more stable foundation or mounting point. But when choosing the perfect winch mount for your truck, pickup, or jeep, factors like benefits and product features can affect your decision. Here is a simple guide to help you decide which winch mount to get for your beloved off-road vehicle.

    Product Range

    Warn Industries has three types of winch mounting plates for different vehicles and applications. On the other hand, Rugged Ridge has two types of winch mounting plates to choose from. Warn and Rugged Ridge have winch mounts for heavy-duty applications, but Warn has a Mulit-Mount Winch Frame designed for vehicles with a Class III towing receiver. Warn gives its customers added versatility with their vehicle's winch.




    The Rugged Ridge winch mount is priced at $139.95 USD each, while the Warn Industries winch mount is priced at $279.95 USD each. With a $140 price difference, budget-conscious off-road thrill-seekers may stay away from the Warn winch mount.


    Rugged Ridge


    Warn Industries winch mounts are backed by a one year warranty against workmanship and materials defects, while Rugged Ridge winch mounts have a three year guaranteed warranty.


    Rugged Ridge

    Ease of Installation

    Rugged Ridge winch mounts are designed to fit standard bottom mount winches with a 10-inch x 4.5-inch bolt pattern, making it easier to mount on your vehicle's OE frame locations. Warn Industries winch mounts have predrilled mounting holes, which makes swapping easier between multiple vehicles when needed.



    The Verdict:

    Rugged Ridge and Warn Industries both provide products that fit the lifestyle of many off-road enthusiasts. They offer a lot of features that can rival most winch mount manufacturers. Clearly, both products have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right winch mount depends on your vehicle's needs. Are you going for the cheaper or the more versatile winch mount? In the end, it all boils down to what your off-roading needs are.