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Keeping your window switch in good condition is important. It will save you from the nuisance of having defective windows at the wrong time.
Innovations in vehicle design make driving easier and more comfortable. These days, raising and lowering a vehicle's windows doesn't require manually turning a hand crank anymore. Thanks to the engineers behind power windows, all you need to do to roll your car window up or down is to press a window switch.
Your vehicle's window switch is connected to a window motor through a series of wires and cables. Once you press on the switch, the window motor is activated and the window glass is automatically pushed up or pulled down. For convenience, each power window has one switch located on the door panel's armrest. However, you can also opt to have an additional switch installed on the driver-side door panel, so you can control all your vehicle's power windows. Thus, you can discourage unnecessary window use by careless passengers and playful children. Frequently pressing the switch can lead to damage and premature wearing of both the switch and window regulator mechanism.
A faulty window switch makes it hard for you to fully open and close your vehicle's windows. Don't make this problem ruin your travels. We offer a variety of switches-from rocker type switches to backlit ones-that will suit both your vehicle's power windows and interior style. At our store, you can get the switch you want at the lowest price.

Window Switch Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Window Switch

    Power windows are obviously more convenient to use than the manually-operated ones that were equipped on earlier vehicles. Power windows are electronically-operated; in just a single flick of the Window Switch the window glass can either go down or up. The most basic function of this switch is to control the opening and closing of the power windows. It does this by sending an electric signal to the window motor that in turn moves the window glass. Not much effort is needed to get it done, unlike with the manually-operated windows wherein the occupant has to use a certain amount of strength in cranking the lever just to open or close the windows. Among the power windows' components, the most familiar is the Window Switch. It's but natural since it is the most visible part and the one that users come in contact with. It is usually located on the panel by the door. But there is also a general switch installed on the center console by the driver so he can access all the windows as the need arises. The Window Switch comes in different types. Some examples include the toggle switch, rocker switch, and the lever switch. These are operated differently which is the reason why they also offer different levels of safety for passengers. The switch is indeed very important, that is why it must be given regular and proper maintenance to ensure its long service life.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Window Switch

    Some drivers take the power window switch for granted. Only when the switch becomes faulty do they realize just how helpful and crucial the switch is to everyday driving. Once a switch breaks down, you and your passengers won't be able to roll the windows up or down, and that can make for an uncomfortable ride.The switch, when pressed, allows power to be routed to the window motor. The window motor, in turn, makes it possible for the window glass to be pushed up or pulled down. Failure of a power window switch is mostly caused by exposure to moisture. You have to take care not to let liquids come into contact with the switch, to keep it from short-circuiting.If it does get wet, immediately wipe it dry with a cloth. Better yet, use a hair dryer to evaporate all moisture inside and out.If replacement is your only option, though, don't worry. Plenty of power window switches are available here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Each switch is designed to make operating the car's windows easier.

    • It provides a direct fit for easy installation.

    • Our power window switches last longer than their stock counterparts.

  • Window Switch: Just the Facts

    Rainy days are going to be a problem if you've got a faulty window switch. It may work one minute and just suddenly quit the next. If rain starts to fall and you can't roll the windows up using the switch, rain's going to drip into your car's cabin.Fixing the switch should be your priority. Without functional window switches, you won't be able to lower and raise the windows when you want to. That could be more problematic than you think.Before you replace the window switch, verify that it isn't the window motor that's broken. You can do this by using an electronic analyzer to test for current across the motor. Be careful with the wiring harness while removing the switch assembly and take note where each wire or plug goes.Make sure you re-install the door panel properly. Every fastener should be in place, or else water may get through and ruin the switch again. You'll find quality window switches here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • The switch helps you easily raise and lower your car's windows.

    • Our switches are guaranteed to meet or exceed OE specifications.

    • Our window switches are designed to last longer.