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Window Visor

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Installing a Window Visor in 3 Easy Steps

With a window visor, you don’t have to worry about bugs, rain, or debris getting inside your vehicle even when the windows are rolled down a bit for some fresh air. However, in order for this accessory to effectively deflect debris from the window, it has to be properly installed. Fortunately, attaching this accessory is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Required skill level: Novice

Tools needed:

  • Mild detergent
  • Clean rags
  • Alcohol
  • Washable marker
  • Prepping up your ride

    Before you install a visor, you have to make sure first that the surface you’re planning to attach it to is clean. So start by washing the car or the surface with water and some mild detergent. This way, all traces of dirt and grime are removed. Rinse the surface well, and apply a bit of rubbing alcohol with a clean rag. The alcohol will dissolve any remaining grease or glue residue if you’re replacing an old visor. Keep in mind that an adhesive strip won’t properly stick to a dirty surface. So to prevent the visor from easily falling off, clean the surface well with the right products.

    Testing the fit of the visor

    Before removing the backing of the visor’s adhesive strip, test the fit first by holding it in place. Once the visor is properly aligned with the window’s edge, mark the spot with a washable marker. It’s better if you have someone else holding the visor in place while you trace the outline using a washable pen.

    Attaching the new visor

    Once you’ve marked the spot, remove the backing from the adhesive strip. Then position it carefully onto the window frame. Make sure it’s properly aligned with the outline you made in the previous step. Apply some pressure to make sure the visor sticks in place. If you’re planning to install visors on your other windows, simply repeat the steps.

    Tips to remember

    • Use a paint roller when pressing the visor in place to ensure an even and smooth application.
    • After installation, get rid of finger prints, swirl marks, or glue residue by wiping the visor clean with a cloth or rag dipped in a bit of alcohol.

    Window Visor Articles

    • Window Visor Showdown: Ventshade vs. WeatherTech

      When looking for a window visor, you’d want something that’s affordable, easy to install, and of course highly durable since it’ll be exposed to plenty of damaging elements. But with so many brands promising a lot of things, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To help you out, here’s a closer look at two top visor brands: Ventshade and WeatherTech.

      Product series or range

      When it comes to product range, Ventshade provides a variety of options. The list includes several product series such as In-channel, Original, Stainless Steel, and Low Profile. For WeatherTech, however, this brand only offers one product series for its visors.

      WINNER: Ventshade

      Ease of installation

      Both brands offer in-channel visors that easily slide into place and come with user-friendly adhesive strips. We installed both visors on a Toyota Tacoma, and it just took us a few minutes to install both accessories. When it comes to ease of installation, it’s definitely a tie.

      WINNER:Ventshade and WeatherTech

      Material and construction

      The Ventshade visor is made from high-grade acrylic and features a wrap-around design for a snug fit. The acrylic material used is also safe to run through car washes, making it highly durable against wear and tear. As for the WeatherTech visor, it’s made from 3-mm cast acrylic and is constructed to fit easily into the window channel. When it comes to material and construction, both brands offer high-quality options.

      WINNER: Ventshade and WeatherTech


      When it comes to price, the Ventshade visor is priced around $30 to $50. As for the WeatherTech visor, it can range from $70 to $115. Since both brands are winners in material and construction, the clear winner in this round is the brand that offers more affordable options.

      WINNER: Ventshade


      As for the warranty, Ventshade offers a lifetime limited warranty for its visors. On the other hand, WeatherTech only offers a 3-year limited warranty for its visors.

      WINNER: Ventshade

      The verdict

      In this battle of the window visors, Ventshade is the clear winner. It’s as durable as the other brand and both labels provide easy-to-install products, but Ventshade is more affordable and provides a longer warranty.