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Your view of the road is vital to your driving safety. This is why your vehicle's windshield should always be in good shape. The windshield is a sheet of plate glass fitted over the front side of your vehicle's cabin.The windshield gives you a clear view of the road ahead and helps prevent dirt and dust from entering the cabin as you drive. To make sure that it can hold its own against various environmental factors, the windshield is usually equipped with high-strength features. But that shouldn't stop you from giving the part its dose of maintenance.Aside from regularly giving it thorough washes, you can apply repellants and wax to the windshield's surface. These might prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the windshield's surface and blocking your view of the road. But once the windshield starts bearing cracks, scratches, and chips, your best option is replacement.Don't worry, though. Here at Carparts, we have the perfect windshields for a wide range of vehicle models.

• Provides you with a clear view of the road ahead

• Keeps dirt and dust out of the cabin

• Can be enhanced through tinting

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  • Comparing the Windshields of Flex-a-Lite and J&L

    Finding a replacement windshield can be difficult because you need to consider a lot of things when buying such a fragile product. To help you with this decision, we're comparing the products from two brands that sell windshields: J&L International and Flex-a-lite.


    We aren't cheapskates and we understand the concept of getting what we pay for. Yet, we also believe there are quality products that are out there for folks like us who need them to fit into our budget. So, we set out to look for a windshield that's priced at around 500 USD or lower.

    We searched online and found that the Flex-a-lite windshields can be bought at various price points. Its cheapest can fit our budget at the 250-500 USD price range. But, it also has some products that exceed our limit. It even has a few sets of six that are priced beyond 1,000 USD. In the meantime, we saw that the J&L windshield has been priced at less than 50 USD. We were surprised at this amount as well, but in terms of this criterion alone, it stands out as an obvious winner.


    Product range

    Being able to find a product that's suitable for our car is essential. We can understand that models that are rare or have been out of production for years might have a more difficult search. Yet, we still want to be able to look for most the parts we need and to find it within someone's catalog.

    We were saddened to see that the J&L brand only stocks one product, but we do like the fact that it can fit an old-fashioned Volkswagen Beetle. We did perk up considerably when we saw that Flex-a-lite offers 36 different items for a variety of vehicles.



    Because the product we're buying is obviously quite fragile, we want to be able to receive some reassurance and support from the companies who made them. We're certainly glad to see that both brands are offering limited warranties for their windshields. Still, J&L manages to offer a warranty with two years of coverage instead of just a one-year coverage (like Flex-a-lite).


    Fit and installation

    An easy installation and a perfect fit go hand-in-hand, since a lot of replacement headaches come from products that don't fit with a vehicles's other components. With Flex-a-lite, we've found that the windshield we ordered was able to fit directly onto our car's opening. The whole process was easy, even if we did need to do some drilling. Meanwhile, we also managed install the J&L windshield on an old Volkswagen and it was a direct fit.

    WINNER:Flex-a-lite and J&L

    Appearance, quality, and performance

    We need windshields that are clear seems to be the case for both products. We're also glad to see that J&L's product has been made according to the DOT's specifications. But, we appreciate how Flex-a-lite's windshields are made from a durable and scratch-resistant polymer. It gives us the confidence that we'll be able to use the windshield for a long time.



    We're surprised by how close this comparison has become. Yet in the end, Flex-a-lite's wider product range and better quality have edged out J&L's pricing and warranty lead. So, we recommend Flex-a-lite windshields for your car.

  • How to Install a Windshield

    You might find it difficult to keep your eyes opened and on the road if you drove your car around without a windshield. This large piece of laminated glass can protect you from the rushing wind, flying debris, and foul weather that would otherwise hit your face as you drive. However, it isn't immune from cracks and scratches due to accidents or even just everyday driving. That's why you'll need to install a replacement as soon as you can. Doing so will only take about an hour, but working with glass can be tricky. So, get a friend to help and don't forget to protect your eyes and hands.

    Required skill level: Expert

    Materials needed:

      Replacement windshield

      Replacement windshield gasket (optional)

      Rubber gloves and safety goggles


      Masking tape

      Soft rag


      Petroleum jelly

    Preparing your vehicle

    You will need to remove all the items attached to the old one before you can begin with the actual installation, so use a screwdriver to take off your rear-view mirror and windshield wipers. Then, you'll need to cover up any vents near your windshield so that broken glass doesn't fall inside them. Layer on the thick pieces of masking tape to make sure nothing gets inside.

    Getting your gasket ready

    Inspect the gasket around your windshield for any damage. If it's still intact, carefully make a slit in one corner with a knife before sliding in a screwdriver to separate the gasket from the glass. In this way, you can still reuse this gasket with your new windshield. However, if your gasket is too cracked, just use the knife to remove the entire gasket to dispose of it.

    Whether you're using a new gasket or reusing the old one, remove the sealant from it. Then, leave your replacement piece out in the sun to make it more flexible before proceeding to the next step.

    Removing the old windshield

    Get your friend to gently push on the glass from the inside of you vehicle. Catch the glass as it comes out and lift it off the frame together. Then, wipe off any rust from your windshield's frame and clean up your dashboard to prepare for the next step.

    Installing the windshield

    Place the replacement gasket around your new windshield and add some sealant to the bottom half of the channel. Then, rub petroleum jelly along the outer rubber groove, making sure to coat the top and bottom center.

    Afterwards, carefully lift and lower the windshield onto your frame. Press it slowly to make sure that the gasket fits tightly before wiping away any excess sealant or jelly.