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Windshield Washer Tank

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Most drivers immediately suspect stuck windshield washer nozzles whenever washer fluid fails to spray out. Sometimes, the problem isn't really with the nozzles. It's the source-the windshield washer tank.Washer fluid may be draining away through a crack in the tank or rust has built up and clogged the fluid exit. Either way, you're not going to get any fluid on your car's windshield no matter how long or hard you pull on the lever. You're just going to burn out the pump motor off an empty supply from the windshield washer tank.To prevent further problems, it's best if you check the washer fluid tank during routine auto maintenance. Inspect the tank for any rusted or corroded spots, and if the tank's looking a little worse for wear, don't hesitate to get a replacement tank.Luckily for you, Carparts offers a wide variety of windshield washer tanks at affordable prices.

• Washer pump motor included

• Direct fit for easy installation

• Can accommodate a larger amount of washer fluid