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Wiper Arm

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Nobody likes traveling on the road with poor visibility. Be it cruising down the streets or traversing off-road, a wiper is one of those essentials in your vehicle to clear away rain, snow or even dirt that impedes driving.
Wiper blades are very much like squeegees. The wiper arms drag the thin rubber strip across the windshield to clear objects without streaks. This is because of the wiper arm's even pressure over the length of the rubber blades. Wiper blades are built to attach in a single point in the middle. The wiper arm, meanwhile, acts like a branch of a tree holding the blades in six to eight places.
When the wiper blade is new, the rubber is clean and free from nicks or cracks. This wipes the water, leaving no streaks. But as it ages, the wiper blade wears out. Nicks or cracks form. Road grime builds on the edge as dirt or snow forms on the wiper arm, making the distribution of pressure of the wiper blade uneven.
You could remedy this problem by wiping the edge with a soaked cloth. But when there is major damage, make sure to get a replacement wiper. If your traveling lifestyle demands for a replacement unit, then do so because it will benefit you very much especially under extreme weathers like rain and snow. Having replacement wipers is a wise strategy to avoid the hassles of blurriness down the road.